Thoughts on the November Election in MN

Opinion_Sign_blue_background.jpgOn November 8, voters in populous Hennepin and Ramsey counties heroically saved all of Minnesota from “losing its democracy” by voting in such large numbers for the failing status quo that the voters in the rest of Minnesota had no choice but to submit.   
Metro voters selflessly voted to sacrifice their own basic personal interests in record numbers never before witnessed in a Minnesota election.   
Thanks to metro voter’s blind devotion to political party, Governor Walz’s “One Minnesota” remains intact so that all Minnesotans can continue to benefit from a progressive state government’s “Minnesota nice” features such as: 

  1. A string of nation-leading state social service frauds costing taxpayers over $350 million so far.
  2. Massive mass transit construction cost overruns of $1.4 billion plus and anticipated light rail completion delays of seven plus years.  All of this waste simply to keep construction union DFL supporters flush with cash.  
  3. Complete failure to protect Metro citizens and their homes and businesses from rioters – disproportionately harming inner city immigrant and minority communities.
  4. Trashing of the Twin City’s hard-earned, sterling reputation as a great place to visit, host a conference, start a business or even move to 
  5. A failed “defund the police” or “re-imagine the police” agenda that has demoralized law enforcement professionals, destroyed Minneapolis police department’s ability to retain and recruit staff and left citizens vulnerable to an ongoing crime wave.
  6. Metropolitan Council’s failure to operate a safe-from-crime and cost-efficient light rail system.  Citizens have abandoned public transit out of fear for their personal safety.
  7. Totally inadequate inner city law enforcement to deal with out-of-control crime.  Citizens had to go to court to force Minneapolis to staff its police department in accordance with legal requirements.  Trouble is no cops want to work for a city whose DFL leaders are anti-law enforcement.
  8. Nation- leading educational achievement gap between Minneapolis’s white and black public-school students – quite an accomplishment for “progressive” Minnesota and its all-powerful, ostensibly student-focused Education Minnesota teachers union. 
  9.  Ongoing indoctrination of school students in destructive race ideologies like critical race theory which classifies all students by race and then doubles down by blaming unsuspecting white kids for being the oppressors of kids of color, leaving the latter unable to achieve and be successful – courtesy of the teachers unions.
  10. Legalizing more drugs like marijuana – a top priority of the DFL.  Progressives railed against tobacco smoking for all of the legitimate health problems it causes but somehow inhaling marijuana smoke is deemed to be perfectly ok.  Dumb and dumber.  Another potential source of tax revenue and a potential new voting bloc apparently overcome any health concerns.

Once again, thanks to Hennepin- and Ramsey county voters for voting overwhelmingly to “save our democracy” and allow all of the attractive features of Governor Walz’s “One Minnesota” fiasco to continue unabated for another four years.


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