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Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives.

~Ronald Reagan 


Candidate and Campaign Events This Week and Next


There are several major campaign events being held in our area over the next two weeks. These include fundraisers and speaking opportunities:

For more information and to RSVP, click on the links above.


What a Difference a Polltaker Makes:  State-wide Races Now Very Close


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Volunteer Opportunities to Help Candidates and Sign Up For Candidate Lawn Signs


Support your Republican candidates! Signs are available and ready to be installed. We have a selection of candidate signs and the hardware to mount them in Bloomington and Edina. We have both 18” x 24” signs and 2 ft. x 4 ft. signs, and we will try to get 4 ft. x 8 ft. signs if you have a good place for them.

However, demand for the Jensen-Birk signs has been so strong that individuals who want those may need to go online to the “Shop” page on the Republican Party of Minnesota website to order those signs.

To get a lawn sign in Bloomington or Edina, please check the Lawn Sign box on our Volunteer Opportunities page (optionally, add a comment about specific candidates / sign sizes). Or you may leave a message on our SD50 phone voicemail 952-856-3028. Michael Barg will get back to you with more information.

HELP_hands-ge9bfb8beb_640.jpgThat same Volunteer Opportunities page is where you can tell us what you're willing to do from now - November 7 to help Republican candidates get elected  November 8.  There are roles available for whatever time and talent you're able to share.

If you’re outside of our area, we encourage you to contact candidates directly via their websites to request a lawn sign and to volunteer.



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Dates for Your 2022 Calendar

We encourage you to add these dates to your own calendar.  We also ask that you set aside some time to actively participate in the local political processes that affect your daily life with policies and taxes.

All voters will have these races on their general election ballot:

U.S. Representative      Governor & Lt. Governor
Secretary of State      State Auditor      Attorney General
State Senator      State Representative      Judicial seats

Voters may also have one or more of these races on their ballot:
City Officers, School Board Members, Local ballot questions

- Sep 23 – Nov 7 – Early Voting - Vote by mail or in person
Oct 18 - Register in advance by Oct 18.  If you miss this deadline you will need to register at your voting location Nov. 8.


Redistricting has Reshaped our Political Landscape


At noon on February 15, the special judicial panel empowered to rebalance the voting strength of Minnesota’s legislative districts, issued its maps. Suddenly, we are no longer Senate District 49. We are, in a somewhat altered form, now Senate District 50.

Our new district is shown in green on the map. The area shown in pink that includes the eastern portion of Bloomington and all of Richfield is now Senate District 51.

Note The website has converted from to; articles published prior to April 2, 2022 are available here on the new site however some of the oldest still contain links to obsolete "SD49" addresses. Please use our Site Search (from the "More" menu at the top) to find articles.

CLICK HERE to read more about the changes, and links to detailed maps.

Bloomington and Edina Precincts Have Also Changed

Bloomington and Edina adjusted the boundaries of their districts and precincts and renumbered the new precincts.



July 4 Edina Parade Saw Great Republican Turn-Out


Edina witnessed one of the largest contingents of Republicans ever to march in its July 4th Parade.  Drizzly rain leading up to the start meant that Senate District 50 elected to keep the tops up on their convertibles and the inflatable elephant stored away in Carol Kerr’s trunk.  However, the banners were unfurled, and the marchers stepped out with great enthusiasm when the parade kicked off.

Edina’s July 4th Parade is one of the largest in the southwest Twin Cities area.  In a year of state-wide political elections, the large Republican turn-out was a clear indicator of excitement and support of our candidates. 

A number of candidates marched with Senate District 50.  Lt Gov. candidate Matt Birk, Secretary of State candidate Kim Crockett, 3rd Congressional District candidate Tom Weiler, Hennepin County Attorney candidate Tad Jude, Hennepin County Sheriff candidate Jai Hansen, SD50 Senate candidate Doug Fulton, and House District 50B candidate Beth Beebe and their volunteers really filled out the ranks of the local Republican marchers. 

In addition, State Auditor candidate Ryan Wilson and 5th Congressional District candidate Cicely Davis had separate parade units and a number of their own supporters. locations.

CLICK HERE for more photos and a link to the parade video.


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