MN Senate District 50 Republicans - Edina & Bloomington


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March 7, 7:00PM: Precinct Officer Training, RSVP encouraged CLICK HERE

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March 11, 6:00PM: Liz Collin Event at Park Tavern (VIP Reception at 5:30PM)

April 13, 9:00AM: SD 50 Convention - Newly elected Alternates & Delegates & Guests Invited to Attend


2024 Caucus Straw Poll Results

Trump Wins SD50 Caucus Straw Poll with 73% of the Votes, Haley Second with 23%

SD50 Edina:

Haley: 16

Trump: 44

Other: 0

Note: 1 Precinct chose not to participate


SD50 Bloomington:

Haley: 30

Trump: 84

Other: 2 (for DeSantis)


Totals for SD50:


Trump: 128

Other: 2 (Desantis)


Total SD50 Votes Cast:   176


Other Local Straw Polls:

SD51 Straw Poll Results:

Haley: 9

Trump: 49

Other: 1

Total Votes: 59


Carver County Straw Poll Results:

Haley: 38

Trump: 213

Ramaswamy: 2

DeSantis: 7






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