Are You Better Off Today than in 2018? Crime is Up


If you feel less safe now than you did four years ago, it is not just a feeling.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension issued its 2021 Uniform Crime Report in early August. The report details massive increases in violent crime under Gov. Tim Walz’s administration, including:

- 21.6 percent increase in violent crime – including a 16 percent increase across Greater Minnesota and a 23.9 percent increase in the Twin Cities Metro Area
- 8.65 percent increase in murders
- 8.5 percent increase in motor vehicle thefts – for the highest total since 2001
- 35 percent increase in assaults on peace officers since 2020

For more information on the trends in violent crime under Gov. Tim Walz, CLICK HERE

The increase in crime should be of particular concern in our minority community. While Gov. Walz has trumpeted his protection of minority rights, the growing rate of gun crimes in Minneapolis is hurting residents of black neighborhoods at a much higher rate that of our white neighborhoods.

Andy Mannix cited police data in a report published in the Star Tribune on August 12, 2022. The report noted that “police counted one Black shooting victim for every 150 Black residents of the city.” This compares with one white victim for every 3,768 white residents. It is not surprising many Black residents of the North side of Minneapolis live in fear.

“Violent crime has been on the rise in Minneapolis since 2020.” While it has shown signs of peaking, it remains at a concerningly high level, “still way up from 2019.” The upward trend remains evident in carjackings.

Gov. Walz let the city of Minneapolis burn in 2019 before finally calling out the National Guard. He has similarly been slow to stand up for public safety on our urban streets. When was the last time you thought of enjoying the restaurants and the nightlife in Minneapolis?

Isn’t it time for a change?