“Tolerant” DFL Supporters Strike Again … and Again


For the third time in as many weeks, Republican lawn signs along Normandale Ave in Bloomington have been vandalized.

Spray_painted_lawn_signs_Sept_21.jpgFirst, they were spray-painted black. After local Republicans replaced them, some were pulled up and left on the ground. Once again, Republican volunteers put them back up. In the latest act of vandalism, more than 20 large signs from Mt Normandale Rd to 105th Street were sliced in half. Despite these repeated acts, we are not aware of any acts of Republican retribution.

That is not who we are. Democrats can cheer when Republican speech is cancelled on the internet and on Facebook. They can smile when letters to the editor in support of Republican candidates are not published in local newspapers. But it is a clear mark of character to “cancel” lawn signs in the middle of the night, when no one is looking.Uprooted_lawn_signs_Sept.jpg

To her credit, House District 50B candidate Beth Beebe has written,
“I am not discouraged or deterred by these hate crime vandals.  They are showing their true intolerant colors.  It actually fortifies my supporters and stirs up volunteers!  I am grateful for watchful eyes and we will keep bringing out the signs. "

 “We will press on and keep the message going.”  

Pam Tucholke, Chair of the Republican Party organization that includes House District 50B, stated, “It is disappointing to see such senseless acts of vandalism.  While our candidates promote the restoration of law and order, it would appear that supporters of the opposition promote the destruction of private property and intolerance.  My challenge to all of you is to respond with overwhelming support for the candidates that reflect your values.” 

If you are incensed by these acts of vandalism, do not stoop to destroying DFL signs. Instead, contact Beth Beebe and volunteer to drop her literature evenings and/or Saturdays. Door-knock with MN Senate candidate Doug Fulton. At a minimum, contribute financially to the Beebe and Fulton campaigns. Both need more funding for critical advertising between now and Election Day. Beth Beebe’s campaign website is  BethBeebeForStateRep.com, and Doug Fulton’s campaign website is FultonForSenate.com.

DFL supporters have clearly shown they have no tolerance for our values or our views. Demonstrate that you will not let Beth and Doug be silenced. Contribute more of your time and your donations to their campaigns.