Viewing Guide for Recorded Max Rymer LWV Forum

We've created a time-indexed viewing guide for the recorded September 19 League of Women Voters Forum between Max Rymer and Paul Rosenthal.

LWV Forum Sept 19 – Max Rymer & Paul Rosenthal  - HD 49B

Video is at this link

Opening statements

4:15  - Paul Rosenthal5:20 – Max Rymer

LWV prepared question (candidates were told this one ahead of time): Explain why you would, or would not support restoring the right to vote to citizens living in the community on probation or parole due to a felony conviction?

6:50  Rymer                8:04  Rosenthal

9:04 & 10:35 (amended question) Audience Question 1 /1B:  {Over 700 million dollars of surplus was} {Amended to: There was a surplus of revenue} left on the table at the end of this year’s session.  If elected what would you advocate for these funds?

9:22 & 12:02 Rosenthal (said 700 million figure incorrect, allowed to answer a 2nd time to the revised question)

10:50 & 13:05 Rymer (also allowed to respond a 2nd time to expand answer, address Rosenthal comments)

13:48 Audience Question 2:  Social Security income is taxed more in Minnesota than by the Federal government.  Shouldn’t it be the same?  Why or why not? (question read twice)

14:12 Rymer               15:07 Rosenthal

15:48 Audience Question 3: This next question is about MNSure:  What can we do to improve it, to improve MNSure?

15:55 Rosenthal          16:53 Rymer

17:59 Audience Question 4:  The State of Minnesota has a large achievement gap among different student groups.  What do you think the legislature should do to close this gap?

18:12 Rymer               19:29 Rosenthal

20:23 Audience Question 5: This question is on housing. The vacancy rate for affordable housing in the Metro area has dropped to 2 percent or below.  What legislation would you support to preserve and increase affordable housing?

20:48 Rosenthal          21:52 Rymer

23:06 Audience Question 6:  Over 65 percent of Minnesotans believe that a mentally able adult should be able to get a prescription for life-ending medication that can be self-administered.  Do you agree and would you support that legislation if it was in effect?

23:27 Rymer               24:14 Rosenthal

24:51 Audience Question 7: Do you agree or disagree that climate changes are man-made? Why or why not?

25:02 Rosenthal          25:51 Rymer

26:50 Audience Question 8: Last year the legislature provided additional funding for small business development and first time homebuyers, many of whom are people of color. Would you support additional funding to address racial disparities in home ownership and small business development.

27:10 Rymer              

28:35 Rosenthal

29:43 Rymer responds

30:50 Rosenthal further remarks (his large-business background, doesn’t understand what Max’s companies do or what the foundation does)

32:12 Moderator asks follow-up, Rosenthal & Rymer respond briefly

32:40 Audience Question 9: We have one constitutional amendment on our ballot this November 8.  It says, “Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to remove lawmaker’s power to set their own salaries, and instead establish a citizens-only council to prescribe salaries of lawmakers?” What is your position on this amendment? (Moderator again called Rymer to respond first, so he did; changed alternating sequence for the rest of the Forum.)

33:13 Rymer   33:48 Rosenthal

34:25 Audience Question 10: Do you support requiring criminal background checks on every gun sale?  Why or why not?

34:35 Rosenthal                      35:17 Rymer

35:55 Audience Question 11: What should be done for our crumbling infrastructure (bridges and roads) in light of the bonding bill not passing?

36:05 Rymer   36:51 Rosenthal (asked to have question repeated, exactly)

38:15 Audience Question 12: Many employers are reducing employees’ hours, in order to avoid having to provide healthcare benefits to these employees.  What do you propose can be done to protect the employees?

38:31 Rosenthal                      39:20 Rymer (asked to have question repeated)

40:26 Audience Question 13: Is SWLRT (Southwest Light Rail Transit) more or less likely to be built if you are elected? Why or why not?

40:35 Rymer   41:37 Rosenthal

42:48 Audience Question 14: Do you favor reforming the law to permit state employees to choose not pay union dues without fear of job loss?

43:00 Rosenthal                      43:45 Rymer (asked to have question repeated)

44:40 Rosenthal clarifies that he does NOT support right to work for state employees., Rymer offered opportunity for further comment and declines.

45:12 Audience Question 15: What is your position on term limits for state legislators? (Moderator mistakenly names “Mr. Ryder” to answer question.)

45:20 Rymer    45:56 Rosenthal

47:06 Audience Question 16: There’s a proposed, it’s called CHEER act, that would ensure that health plans offering drug coverage would also have to cover contraceptives.  There is an exemption for religious institutions.  If elected, would you support this act?  Why or why not?

47:39 Rosenthal          47:40 Rymer

48:36 Audience Question 17:  What will driverless UBER cars do to Southwest Light Rail Transit?

48:48 Rymer (asked for question to be repeated)      50:03 Rosenthal (also asked for repeat of question)

51:29 Moderator wrap-up, closing statements time expanded to 2 minutes

Closing Statements:

51:53 – 53:57 Rymer             

53:59 – 56:34 Rosenthal