Training for Campaigns - Now is the Time

June_17_For_Newsletter_MN_GOP_Trump_Training.JPGWinning political campaigns don’t “just happen”.

Yes, it takes candidates that have the passion and drive to get out day after day to greet voters. But as former Minnesota Congressman Jason Lewis is saying, it also takes you. You know what the upcoming election cycle means for our state and our country. Have the choices ever been clearer? Don’t be sitting at home after the election wishing that you had done more. Commit now to volunteer.

Don’t know what you can do? Training is available now throughout our area to help candidates and campaign staff volunteers prepare for elections this Fall and into 2020.

Monday evening, June 17, hundreds of local Republican volunteers  (some pictured at left) attended initial training for the Trump 2020 campaign, which also included a plan for focus on state / local elections. You'll be hearing more about #LeadRight from #mngop.

SD49 is holding training Wed. June 19 for our precinct leaders and volunteers that details how we'll build support for our city candidates this year, and a base going forward.

MN GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan will discuss training available during her June 25 Telephone Town Hall 

And Americans for Prosperity is offering grassroots-focused training June 28/29.

Continue to watch the “Events Beyond SD 49” area of our website for additional opportunities.

Now is the time to gain the skills and knowledge to help our candidates win.