Seeking Candidates for State Central Committee Delegates

State_Central_Convention_illustration.jpgRepublicans interested in influencing the future direction of the Minnesota Republican Party are invited to identify themselves as candidates for State Central Committee delegates and alternates.  The SD49 Officer Nominating Committee is ready to interview volunteer leaders who wish to run for election to these positions at the upcoming SD49 GOP convention.  Interested volunteers must identify their interest by Feb 6th to allow the Committee time to complete the interview process prior to the February 20 convention.   

State Central Delegate candidates should plan on providing a short write-up of what they have done that they feel qualifies them to be elected.  The write-up will be available to the convention delegates ahead of the SD49 convention.  Candidates will also be able to make a short statement during the convention.  Based on the number of votes received, State Central Delegates and Alternates will be identified in descending order of votes received. 

The Republican Party in Senate District 49 is known as an active and impactful organization, primarily due to its volunteer leaders and involved members.  If you have a desire to be more involved – this is your chance to volunteer!  Please indicate your desire to be a State Central Committee delegate to Jim Bowen [email protected] (360-927-8301) or to SD49 Co-Chairs Joel Quinnell ([email protected]) or Russ Burnison ([email protected]).  If you wish more information on these positions, contact them with any questions on the duties, commitments, or election processes.


Minnesota Republicans hold State Central Committee meetings twice a year to address such party business as electing state party officer elections, reviewing party finances, voting on changes to the state party constitution and bylaws, and hearing from state party leaders on the state of the party.  These meetings are separate from larger state party conventions held to endorse candidates for state-wide office, such as governor and US senator.  State Central delegates and alternates are voluntary positions and do not come with any financial compensation.

The Officer Nominating Committee was set up by the SD49 Executive Committee in December. As required by the senate district bylaws, members of the Nominating Committee must be named at least sixty days ahead of the planned SD49 convention. The Committee consists of a chair, Jim Bowen, and eight precinct chairs, four from each House District.  The Senate District Co-Chairs serve as ex-officio members of the Nominating Committee.