SD49 GOP Recommendations for Local Elections

Early voting is already underway for local elections in Bloomington and Edina. The final opportunity to vote for these candidates is Tuesday, November 5. At stake are:
• the Mayor of Bloomington
• three Bloomington city council seats
• three Bloomington school board seats
• three Edina school board seats,

We urge all of our readers to get out and vote in these important races.

None of the local candidates have sought the endorsement of Senate District 49 Republicans. We held a forum for Edina school board candidates and have interviewed some of the candidates in the Bloomington races. While we did not interview any of the Bloomington school board candidates, we have listened to many local activists as to their leanings.

Our recommendations follow. Please note that not all were solicited by the candidates themselves and do not necessarily reflect their political leanings. Readers are encouraged to go out to the candidate websites for further information on these candidates.

• Mayor: Ryan Kulka (
• City Council At Large: Brian Clemens (
• City Council District 1: Al Noard (
• City Council District 2: Susan Woodruff ([email protected])

Bloomington School Board
• Maureen Bartolotta (
• Nelly Korman (
• Heather Starks (

Edina School Board
• Linda Friede (
• Lou Nanne (
• Sarah Patzloff (

Please click on the following links to go to sample ballots for Bloomington and Edina.