Recommendations for Non-Partisan Races

Voting_Day_and_sticker.jpgCity Council and School Board races have been touted as non-partisan races, as if the recommendations of political party organizations somehow compromise the independence of the candidates. Yet partisan groups, like Edina Indivisible, and organizations with a strong vested interest, like Teachers Associations and Public Employee Unions, have been free to release their preferences without a murmur of concern.

It is time to recognize when local races cease to be non-partisan. In those races, it is appropriate for the views of local conservative groups like the SD49 Republicans to be heard.

In the Edina School Board race, that time has certainly come. In separate announcements, Education Minnesota/Edina (the Edina teachers union) and the Senate District 49 Democrats both issued recommendations. And they are for the same three candidates.

It is more than ironic when, for the second election cycle in a row, the Edina Teachers Union has chosen not to endorse former teachers. This year, they passed over Linda Friede, a recognized education intervention specialist and former math teacher.

As the curriculum in the Edina School System has become politicized, so now has the election. We stand with the parents who are questioning why Edina’s education standing in Minnesota has gone from 1st to 10th. Unlike the DFL, we don’t support a school board that is a cheerleader for the administration. We believe that the board should govern the administration.

Our recommended candidates believe that data on academic performance needs to be open and available, and decisions need to be driven by what clearly works.

The following article "Good Intentions, Bad Results" explains our recommendations on the Edina School Board race. Please also CLICK HERE for more on each candidate's positions.