Meet Ric Oliva: Bloomington City Council At-Large Candidate

Ric_Oliva_closeup.jpgRicardo Oliva is running for the “at-large” city council seat up for election this year. He wants to represent everyone in the city of Bloomington. He is a lifelong Bloomington resident, a parent with children in Bloomington schools, the former chair of the Bloomington School Board, volunteer with community athletic organizations, a music teacher, and a database administrator in the private sector. You may find more information about his campaign at his website and on his campaign Facebook page

Why is Ric Oliva running?

“My interest in the Bloomington City Council began in 2019 when the council was considering Valley View Park as the destination for a new community center. I was further compelled to run in 2020 as our community dealt with the fallout from the rioting in Minneapolis and the effects of a global pandemic.

“I believe Bloomington would benefit from greater diversity of opinion at our council meetings and my commitment to balancing stakeholder input, fiscal responsibility, and individual freedom brings a fresh perspective to our current council that will positively impact Bloomington residents for generations to come.”

Oliva’s priorities are

• Public safety and infrastructure
• Creating laws that are openly agreed to, equally imposed, and fairly imposed
• Maintaining shared community resources such as playgrounds, ball fields, and hockey rinks.

Editor note: Starting this year, Bloomington City Council elections will be conducted using Ranked Choice Voting. Under this system, voters can rank the candidates that they like and not rank the candidates that they do not favor.

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