March 3 Primary: Voting Place Changes, Early Voting Open Now

i-voted-sticker_closeup.jpgThe March 3 Presidential Primary will be our first opportunity to formally register our support for President Trump's re-election. While this is strictly a presidential primary, the number of Republican voters will be measured against the turnout for the highly-contested Democrat Party nomination. It may well be looked at as a reflection of the expected turnout in November for all Republican candidates. So we're encouraging EVERYONE to vote.

For this Presidential Primary, you'll sign an extra oath "I am in general agreement with the principles of the party for whose candidate I intend to vote, and I understand that my choice of a party's ballot will be public information." You'll request a Republican ballot, and only our candidate, plus a write-in line, will be on your ballot.

Early voting by mail-in absentee ballot or in person at your City Hall is available now. On March 3rd, local voting locations will be open for each precinct from 7 AM - 8 PM.

In Edina Precinct 2 has a new voting location. Edina P-02 use Highlands Elementary School, 5505 Doncaster Way, Edina, as their new polling place.

In Bloomington, two precincts have new voting locations:

  • The Bloomington Precinct 17 polling place will be at the Westwood Community Church, 6301 Cecilia Circle. This is down in the hollow at the northwest quadrant of the East Bush Lake Road overpass of 494. Voters will be directed to the West Lot where the main building entrance is located. Although easily visible from the freeway, the location's street entrance is a bit tough to find on your first attempt - you may want to preview the drive /walk before March 3.
  • The other new polling place will be in Bloomington Precinct 24 where it's been moved to Bloomington Lutheran School, 10600 Bloomington Ferry Road. The main entrance is on the south side of the building.