Dario Anselmo Talks Policy at Edina Ham & Eggs Club

On the 6th of April, our own Chris Rofidal, a member of Edina’s Ham & Eggs Club, introduced his guest — and featured speaker of the morning — the next Representative of House District 49 A, Dario Anselmo.Chris_Rofidal_and_Dario_Anselmo_Ham_and_Eggs_Mtg.jpg

The following is taken (and edited) from the Ham & Eggs Club Newsletter:

In his presentation, Dario described how his parents provided leadership by example, through helping people. He indicated that leadership while listening to people is critical.

He’s proud of his recent involvement with the film society in Minnesota, suggesting that we’re not just a Vikings culture here…

With his typical, fast-paced delivery, Dario described his enthusiasm for what he calls the 3 E’s: Economy, Education and Environment.  

His goal: making Minnesota a state businesses would want to move to. As a long-time business owner himself, if elected, he would love to serve on the Tax Committee. He believes we need to learn to spend wisely in order to get the best return for our dollars.

Dario believes our public schools are good, but unfortunately, not great. Upon leaving the breakfast, he said he would be phoning the principal of his 12-year-old daughter’s school regarding the ‘long-term substitute teacher’s class agenda’. Dario stated again, our schools are not working as well as they could…

So how do you change things such as the so-called achievement gap?  He believes it’s not just about spending money... If Edina can’t get it right, how do we expect other parts of state to be able to, he asked.

Dario addressed environmental issues, which he believes the Republicans are not good at handling. He feels they should be addressed from a business solution perspective.

Energy is a broad topic, and we can’t just rely on fossil fuel, according to Dario. He’s personally tired of nine years of Al Gore waving his finger at us.

He referenced the Bakken fields, which have more natural gas than we know what to do with. He also spoke of clean energy, and said that nuclear energy is clean.

The bottom line: Dario feels that the environment needs more Republican attention.

Touching on health care, he recognizes we’re in an aging community. The Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota are significant resources in our state, but the business of health care is expensive. It’s definitely an area that needs improvement. When asked if he were elected, would he be signing up with the state health insurance being offered, he answered, “although my premium has gone up substantially, I’ll be staying with mine…”

In closing, Dario Anselmo believes we’re fortunate to live in Minnesota, and we want to keep it that way!

 A Question & Answer session ensued, and Dario was happy to accommodate the Club members’ enthusiasm.

 You can learn more about Dario at darioanselmo.com