MN Senate District 50 Republicans - Edina & Bloomington


The Ongoing Battle for the Soul of the MN GOP - Proposal to Remove GOP State Party Leadership


The Republican Party of Minnesota has called for a State Central Committee (SCC) meeting on December 9, 2023.  Delegates for SCC received a message this week from an organization affiliated with the Mille Lacs County local party unit - “Rebuild the MN GOP” - with a proposal to remove Chair David Hann, Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom, and RNC National Committeewoman Barb Sutter, including detailed charges.

Most of the issues concern legitimate questions regarding the MN GOP’s major party status, precarious financial position, and abysmal results that should be answered by the State Party leadership.

Continue reading under NEWS section in menu and stay alert!  Our own SD50 RNC Woman Barb Sutter facing charges along with Chaitman Hann and Deputy Chair Donna Bergstrom.


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