Why Your Vote in the Primary is Very Important


If you doubt the importance of your vote in the upcoming Primary election this year, consider this: your vote in the Primary may very well ensure you have a meaningful choice of candidates for state-wide offices and Hennepin County offices in November.

The following Republican-endorsed candidates for state-wide office have primary challengers to determine who will be on the Republican Party ballot::

• Governor/Lt Governor -- Dr. Scott Jensen/Matt Birk
• MN Attorney General – Jim Schultz
• MN Secretary of State – Kim Crockett

Hennepin County Primary Election is Equally Important

The following Republican-recommended candidates for Hennepin County office are running in “non-partisan” races (see the back of your Primary ballot) in which only the two candidates with the highest Primary vote count will go on to the November ballot:

• Hennepin County Attorney – Tad Jude
• Hennepin County Sheriff – Jai Hanson

CLICK HERE to find these recommendations on a sample ballot you can take with you and use while voting.