Walk Your Neighborhood with our Candidates

door-knocker.jpgOur candidates are already knocking on doors in our district.  Tom Weiler, Doug Fulton, Beth Beebe, and many other local candidates know that to win this election year, they need to meet and talk with your neighbors.  They are going out almost every evening and on Saturdays because there are a lot of doors that need to be knocked.

You could make it much easier for them.  These are your candidates out trying to meet your neighbors. 

You can go out with them when they are in or near your precinct.  It always goes faster when you go out together. 

Better yet, plan an evening when you invite your neighbors down to your driveway or your backyard to meet the candidates.  Grill some hotdogs or serve some ice cream while the weather is warm.  Do it on a Saturday or a weeknight evening.

This help is not an overwhelming chore, but it is absolutely essential.  CLICK HERE and let us know how you would like to volunteer.  Do it soon, and we will let you know when the candidates plan to be in your area.