Volunteers Needed - Many Roles Available


Precinct leaders within Senate District 50 will be working with other volunteers from their neighborhoods to make a difference in this year’s local Republican campaigns. If you are willing to volunteer in this very important election year, you will be a part of a great team effort.

Make the decision to volunteer now. Don’t look back five months from now and regret failing to do all that you could. CLICK HERE  and comment to let us know you are ready to do your part.

Particularly this year, we cannot sit by and expect our candidates alone to speak for our values and our principles. We must stand with our candidates and show our support within our neighborhoods. In conversations many Minnesotans (including Democrats and Independents) have said they are more aligned with Republican solutions for key issues at the state & local level: safety in our communities, limited government (especially regarding mandates, emergency powers), return of the tax-surplus and lower taxes ongoing, and focus on academic excellence (not socialist-indoctrination) in schools.

Please step forward to volunteer if you believe in what our Republican candidates represent. Whatever your age, physical ability, or time availability, you will be of value.

Our highest need, In both Bloomington and Edina, is for MANY volunteers willing to knock on doors within our own neighborhoods to have conversations and identify likely Republican voters. People are far more likely to vote based on in-person conversations rather than just reading / literature drops without conversations. We have a smart phone app available (but not required) to all of our volunteer canvassers that will make the process much more efficient. Training provided, and working paired with another volunteer is encouraged. In about an hour you can add 10 (or more) confirmed likely-voters to our lists, which can be shared with endorsed candidates to better-focus their campaign visits and mailings.

Our next highest need is for use of 30 - 50 front yards/driveways throughout the communities over the summer and early fall for brief (about 1.5 hour) neighborhood candidate meet & greet events, outdoors. And volunteers to help with setup, and running of those events.

Help the Communications Team: We especially need a person (or two) to handle consistently posting to / monitoring our Facebook page. We also need 2 additional people willing to learn our publishing tool to edit/publish our electronic Newsletter. And if you are a writer, we welcome your brief articles and opinion pieces on local issues/topics.

We also need volunteers to:

• assemble literature for door knockers, event hand-outs
• march in parades
• write letters to the editor of local papers
• install lawn signs
• host lawn signs in your yard
• host indoor candidate meet & greets
• get out the vote for the August 9 primary (early voting opens June 24) and the November 8 (early voting opens September 23) general election

Members of our SD50 Executive Team have committed to follow-up with those who step forward,. Our goal is to ensure that every volunteer is put in touch with a team / leader for effective (and dare we say FUN) tasks that will win elections.