Thank You, Carol Brumwell

Carol_Brumwell_(2).jpgCarol Brumwell served as Editor of this newsletter for seven years. Always the servant, Carol never sought to dictate.  Hers was the steady hand behind the scenes. 

Carol was insistent on clarity.  She set the style, always with a careful eye on grammar, spelling, and sentences that went on too long.  If the writing didn’t make sense to her, it somehow never appeared in the newsletter

She also had a soft way of reminding the rest of us on the Communications Committee that a writing deadline was coming up.  Carol would urge us to get the articles in to her on time, which we often pushed past.  Every time, she would work late into the night to get the newsletters out.  Then she would pull the headlines and schedule the release of content for our social media director. 

The solid reputation and growing readership is a testament to Carol Brumwell’s dedication and skills.  Her last newsletter as editor was earlier this month.  Yet the rest of the Communications Team will likely still hear her voice urging us on.

Again, thank you Carol, for everything.