State Sen. Coleman Appalled at Southwest Light Rail Mismanagement

MN_Senator_Julia_Coleman.jpgIn late January, the cost overruns on Southwest Light Rail were formally acknowledged and a new 2027 first-service date was announced, as reported in the StarTribune.

On February 15, State Sen. Julia Coleman (R, Carver County) wrote to her constituents,

“I am appalled and frustrated by the mismanagement of the Southwest Light Rail project. It is projected to cost an additional 210 million dollars, and is delayed another 36 months. From my understanding, this is just the tip of the iceberg, with additional challenges and problems coming down the tracks (pun not intended, but appreciated).

“As Chairwoman of the Legislative Commission on Metropolitan Governance, I am committed to holding the Metropolitan Council accountable, and finding ways to reform this organization so the taxpayers and voters have a greater say over their operations.”