Sign Sweeps Nov 9 - 12 for Bloomington and Edina


We'll be working around/between rainstorms this year, and still expect to complete sign-sweeps in Bloomington and Edina by this weekend.  With the permission of the candidates, our Senate District volunteers began a "sign sweep" through Bloomington and Edina on Wednesday afternoon after the General Election. They will pick up all Republican candidates' lawn signs and bring them to a central location for the campaigns to retrieve. We'd like at least 20 volunteers for this work.  If you can help please email us with "Sign Sweep" in the subject line, and provide a phone number.

Thanks to volunteers: Michael Barg (Signs Coordinator), Chuck Johnson, Mike Moranz, Al Muerhoff, John Pelto, Larry Frost and Randy Sutter who turned out the first day. 

Sweep teams work in pairs in assigned areas of the Senate District, gathering both the signs and the reusable "H" stands and rebar sign holders.

Teams will continue to work as-needed through Nov 12 to get signs from all known locations.

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SIGN as-is until Nov 12 (or lean it where it's visible from the street), so we can recover the reusable components. If you have a sign in Edina or Bloomington that's not picked up by noon Nov. 11, call the Senate District (952-856-3028) with your address and a volunteer will stop by.

Local sign ordinances that limit number and placement of signs in Edina go back into effect after Nov 18, per MN State Law.  While Bloomington does not have similar restrictions, we note that candidates retain ownership of their campaign signs (except those you may have purchased) and we respectfully request that all signs be returned.