Senate District 50 GOP Convention Set for Saturday, March 4


Senate District 50 Republicans hold a convention in the spring of every year.  The purpose of the convention in 2023 is to elect senate district executive officers and State Central Committee delegates and alternates.  The officers, delegates, and alternates will all serve two-year terms.

Delegates and alternates to the SD50 convention were elected at the precinct caucuses in 2022.  The caucuses were held before the impacts of redistricting were known.  However, an elected delegate or alternate who continues to reside at the same address will remain a delegate or alternate. If the senate district boundaries have shifted and the delegate or alternate now resides in a new senate district, that delegate or alternate will serve the same role in that new senate district. 

The Senate District 50 Bylaws[SD50GOP Bylaws - SD 50 GOP] stipulate that the Executive Committee Officers will consists of two co-chairs, ten vice chairs, a treasurer, a secretary, and a communications chair.  All will be up for election/re-election.

The State Central Committee is responsible for the general management of the affairs of the Republican Party of Minnesota, subject to the control of the State Convention and MN GOP Constitution[MNGOP Constitution Approved May 14 2022_V1].  Three-hundred (300) delegates and up to nine-hundred (900) alternates may be elected from within the state’s eight Congressional Districts.  The state party constitution provides for additional delegates and alternates, but the primary source of delegates and alternates are the ones elected every odd year at the senate district conventions.

The 300 delegates and up to 900 alternates are allocated to each Congressional District every two years based on the ratio of each Congressional District’s Republican vote in the last general election for President or Governor. That number is further allocated to the senate districts and portions of senate districts within the Congressional District.  In 2021, SD50 was allocated 3 delegate and 9 alternate slots to be elected at the SD50 Convention by the precincts within CD3.  It was further allocated 1 delegate and 3 alternates to be elected at the SD50 Convention by the precincts within CD5. These allocations may change, but it is not anticipated that they will change significantly.

The SD50 Republican Bylaws call for all officer candidates to be interviewed by the SD50 Officer Nominating Committee.  Similarly, all State Central Delegate/Alternate candidates should be vetted by the same Committee.  The committee chair will place in nomination those candidates they recommend.  No nominations will be accepted from the floor of the convention.  Note that the Bylaws stipulate that the SD50 Co-Chairs will be considered elected as State Central Committee delegates by virtue of their office.

If you wish to be considered for a position as a Senate District 50 officer or as a State Central Committee delegate/alternate, you are urged to contact both Chair Pam Tucholke at [email protected] and Secretary George Rerat at [email protected]