SD 50 GOP News & Events June 6, 2023

Senate District 50 Republicans News & Events

June 6, 2022

Note from our Co-Chair, Teri Hovanec:


I didn’t realize that Tim Walz’ motto of “One Minnesota” actually meant “One Party Minnesota.” The effects of the Democrat trifecta being in office for only a short time are staggering. The “elected” leaders have taken a $17.6 billion excess and turned it into a 40% budget increase. Promises of $2,000 rebate checks and elimination of social security tax turned into increases in delivery fees, license tab fees and a gasoline taxes. Legalized abortion up to the date of birth, legal infanticide for aborted babies born alive, hormone treatment and mutilation of children under the guise of “gender affirming care” bills have also passed through the democrat house, senate and executive branch. Elections have consequences and boy, are we feeling that in Minnesota. I trust you are just as frustrated and fearful of the direction our beloved Minnesota is headed. (cont'd)

We have a lot of work ahead to be able to save our state and our focus is to re-build and build upon our current precincts. We are in need of strong individuals willing and able to volunteer to fill several empty precinct captain seats as well as individuals willing to assist in our precinct strategy. Whether you have an hour a day, a week or a month, there are positions to be filled and tasks to be completed so we can start on the pathway to undoing the damage of this last legislative session. 

We have an executive committee focused on reclaiming our Cities and our State and we are hoping you will join us in this crucial fight. If we can count on you to join our team and our fight, please click here and let us know how to best contact you.  

Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” – George S. Patton


SD50 Volunteer Fair - Tuesday, June 20th - 5:30-7:00PM, Bloomington VFW

Please stop by the Bloomington VFW, Post 1296, on Tuesday, June 20th, for a casual night to sign up for some volunteer spots with SD50.  Members of our Team will be there to chat with you about different needs we have and how you can be involved.  We need everyone! Old and new volunteers welcome.  We have the Edina Fourth of July Parade, a picnic, caucus, convention, and November school board elections are coming up just around the corner and I am sure many of you seasoned pros can probably teach us a thing or two about running those efficiently and we would love that!   

If you have already signed up to volunteer, or just want to come by to say hello, please do!  There will be no formal speaker, no RSVP, and everyone will just buy their own food and drinks, but we hope to see you there! If you cannot make it, do not worry.  Please just reach out to any of us on the SD50 Team at your convenience, or you may click here ,  and let us know where you would like to help.

Bloomington VFW, 311 W 84th Street, Bloomington, MN


Edina Fourth of July Parade - Come March with Us!

Please come with your family and friends for a fun filled day and join Minneapolis & Edina SD50 & SD46 Republicans to march in the Edina Fourth of July Parade.  Let's join together to celebrate our history, culture, and most of all our Independence!  

We hope to have a large showing to remind people in our community that American history and tradition are still valued and Republicans are still represented and thriving in our town of Edina and beyond.

If you want to join us and march with friends and family in the parade please sign up here. After the parade, we will be gathering at a local park or nearby backyard (address to be announced) after the parade with light refreshments.  Please let us know if that is something you would be able to help with and/or would be interested in. And, if you are able to donate to our efforts, please do so with the donation link below.  We have gotten feedback that some wanted a more traditional Fourth of July logo and message on the tees, so we are looking into some other options for the parade.  We wish to make all our constituents happy.  Stay tuned for details.  And, let's all work together to put Republicans in the House and Senate in SD50 & SD46. And let's all work together to put Republicans in the House & Senate in the entire State of MN!

DONATE FOR SD50 SHIRTS FOR THE PARADE HERE (GOAL $1000) Any surplus in tee shirts will be sold to benefit SD50 Republicans.

Please help us by marching, donating, or both!  We also need people to watch the parade and cheer us on.   We want to show our community that Republicans are the MAJORITY. Most likely more than half if we all get out and VOTE!

Thank you!

Your SD50 Representatives & Edina July 4th Parade Team: Teri, Sarah & Liz


TARS - Teen Age Republicans

Senate District 50 is looking into starting a branch of Teen Age Republicans, or TARS, for young Republican members of Senate District 50.  We hope to launch this group in September, with the beginning of the new school year. From the National web site:

Who are TARS?

Teen Age Republicans have a great opportunity to serve their community and country while learning about the political process.  As a TAR, you become aware of national and international issues and how current events impact your life.  With effective club programming, TARS grow into leaders and sway elections.  This can make a huge difference in how elected candidates enact laws that affect you!

National Teen Age Republicans is one of the three official auxiliaries of the Republican Party.  After graduating high school, you can move on to become a College Republican or a Young Republican (ages 18 – 40).  Many TARS run for local elections and get to network with influential leaders across the country.

TAR Clubs can be found in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, as well as overseas.  Clubs serve the community while expressing core Republican values.  You can start a club with your high school, home school students, county, city or region.

If you have a teenager that is interested in becoming a founding member of this new group, please contact sarah Knapp at [email protected] Subject: TARS


Interns Needed

Do you have a high school or college aged student that is interested in politics?  Senate District 50 is looking for a few good interns to work part time (unpaid) roughly 10-20 hours per week, can be weekends or weekdays, flexible schedule.  Areas of need include:

Web Site design/HTML Skills

Canvassing/Door to Door Surveying

Data base clean-up/Data Analytics

Event Planning/Caucus Preparation

Please have them reach out to Sarah Knapp at [email protected] Subject - Intern - with information about their interests and background and we will get back to them.


Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions

A big thank you to our guest speaker at our last Pints & Politics: Reclaim MN Conversations last month, Jonathan Aanestad, held at the Bloomington VFW. Many of you have asked how to find out more information on his organization.  The Minnesota Election Integrity Solutions website is 


Did You Know The State Will Pay YOU Back?

Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund Program

Under Minnesota law, all residents 18 years or older can contribute to qualified political organizations and once a year apply for and receive a full refund for up to $50 per individual or $100 per couple through the state’s Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program.  You may also apply for PCR refunds for all child dependents under 18 living with you ($50 per individual). For example, A married couple with two college students over 18 can donate $200 to SD50 Republicans, complete one form for each voter over 18, and get reimbursed the FULL $200 directly from the State of Minnesota.  Why wait?  Donate to SD50 today!


Contribute Fastest and Easiest:

A) Online at our website: or 

B) Mail your check made out to: Senate District 50 Republicans to:

Senate District 50 Republicans, PO Box 385258, Bloomington, MN 55438-5258

(Note: Minnesota law prohibits political committees from accepting contributions from businesses)


After our SD 50 Treasurer, Julie Bliven, receives your contribution, which must be received before December 20, 2023 (see note above), we will promptly mail you an official EP-3 receipt and a MN Department of Revenue refund form.


Complete the refund form (it takes about 2 minutes) and mail it in, along with your EP-3 receipt, to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.  The address to mail it is on the form.  For refund of a 2023 contribution, you have until April 15, 2024 to mail this in.


The State of Minnesota will mail you a check or initiate a direct deposit fully refunding your qualifying contribution (up to $50/ qualified person over 18) in approximately 4-6 weeks.

That is it. . . Further detail can be found at State of Minnesota Department of Revenue Site: CLICK HERE

For a direct link to the PCR Refund Form CLICK HERE

Questions can also be directed to our SD50 Team Treasurer, Julie Bliven, at [email protected]


Republicans Seniors Meeting - Tuesday, June 13th

Don't miss this! One of the most vocal new Republican members of the MN House will be speaking...SD50 may have retweeted Rep Hudson a time or two during this most recent session...

Rep. Hudson is a welcome conservative voice at the legislature. 

First, our new Chair Carol Brumwell will give us a quick review of our current meeting format and timing and about some ideas that have been floated for this first part of the meeting. Then Preya Samsunder will tell us about Voters for Cures which advocates for available and affordable drugs and for ongoing medical progress on new treatments.

Date: Tuesday, June 13, 2023
Time: 9:30 a.m. sign in and casual conversation, 10:00 a.m. convene
Place: Knights of Columbus/Bloomington Event Center
1114 American Boulevard West, Bloomington*
Cost: $5/member, $10/non-member


North Metro Republican Women - Thursday, June 22nd

Understanding the Modern Left, on Thursday, June 22nd, 2023 6:00-8:00pm in Maple Grove

Please join us and special guest Loren Spivak, on Thursday, June 22nd, as he helps us understand the modern Left and why we must take a stand against it.  With humor, insight and always a fresh take, Loren speaks to Republican groups all over the United States about important issues of our time from a Republican perspective.  In 2009 he began educating Conservative groups, (including ours in 2016), on free market economics as “The Free Market Warrior”.  He has been the keynote speaker at state Republican conventions and state Republican Women's conventions.  His latest book, "Kamalat," has just come out and is humorous look at the Biden administration.     RSVP and get details by emailing us at  [email protected]


CD5 Monthly Meeting - June 28th

Chair Alec Beck says all CD5 members/activists are always welcome to come to their monthly meetings, held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Crystal VFW, 5222 Bass Lake Road, Crystal MN at 6:30PM, with pre and post meeting conversations at the upstairs bar.


Liberty Tea Party Patriots, No Meeting in July

The next meeting will be August 3rd.  Details to be announced.


Center for the American Experiment - July 6th Event

The Fight To Protect Women and Girls in Sports with Riley Gaines

Thursday, July 6, 2023
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Metropolitan Ballroom
5418 Wayzata Blvd, Golden Valley, MN 55416

Admission: $30

Tickets and More Information



We need you to attend CAUCUS!

February 27, 2024...details forthcoming

We also need lots of help.  Volunteer to help at caucus by emailing Sarah at [email protected] RE:CAUCUS

Thank you:)


SD50 ON The ROAD...

Craig Black, Molly Bellmont, and Sarah Knapp had the opportunity to take a trip out to Monticello to listen to Professor David Clements speak about election integrity, and if you follow us on Twitter, you know that Teri Hovanec and Sarah Knapp were headed out to Iowa to go to the Trump Rally the other week to bring you some live coverage so you could see for yourselves just how HUGE (or not) the crowds really were. They were especially excited about this trip as they had Secret Service clearance, special seating, and a VIP photo session with President Trump we were hoping to share with all of SD50. They even had a special Reclaim SD50 shirt to present to 45. Unfortunately, Sarah got sidetracked by an emergency appendectomy in the family (everyone is now well), so Teri decided to go on the trip with only Trumpy Bear (pictured below) as a companion. About 15 minutes away from the arena in Iowa, she found out the rally was cancelled due to weather.  It was just not meant to be this time.  We will try to bring you updates of speakers as they come. From, Your SD50 Team:

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