SD50 Republicans Endorse Fulton, Beebe and Cisman as MN Legislature Candidates


At a special Senate District Endorsing Convention held on Tuesday, May 31, an overflow assembly of delegates, alternates, and special guests gave their rousing support to Doug Fulton, Beth Beebe and Sami Cisman as the officially endorsed Republican candidates running for the MN Legislature.

“We are very pleased that three strong candidates have stepped forward to run this year,” Senate District Co-Chair Pam Tucholke said.

Endorsed for MN Senate SD50 (Edina/Bloomington): Doug Fulton

Doug_Fulton_For_MN_Senate_SD50.jpg“Our MN Senate candidate, Doug Fulton, is a highly respected community leader, accomplished commercial real estate consultant, and long-time Edina resident. He offers Edina and Bloomington a great choice against a little-known DFL candidate,” said Co-Chair Pam Tucholke.  CLICK HERE to read our first interview of Doug Fulton.  Doug's campaign website is

Beth_Beebe_for_MN_House.jpgEndorsed for MN House 50B (Bloomington): Beth Beebe

Senate District Co-Chair Winnie Martin was particularly proud of the endorsed MN House candidates. “Beth Beebe will be an outstanding representative for Bloomington in House District 50B. A 22-year Bloomington resident, she is in her second term on the Bloomington School Board. Beth knows very well what Bloomington families need.” This newsletter will provide more background on Beth Beebe in an upcoming edition.   Beth's campaign website (under construction now, name revised 6/13) will be

Sami_Cisman_for_MN_House_50A.jpgEndorsed for MN House 50A (Edina, N. Bloomington): Sami Cisman

Update:  Sami Cisman has announced that she is suspending her campaign indefinitely. Given her combination of talent, education, experience, and connections, Sami has been offered, and has accepted, a volunteer position with the 3rd Congressional District Republicans to be their Outreach Ambassador.  "Working initially within my Somali community, I am thrilled to be a key organizer for the Republican Party," Cisman said.  "I know several of the state-wide Republican candidates and Minneapolis-centered conservative candidates personally and have enjoyed working with them.  I know that I can have a greater impact in my new role and look forward to the upcoming opportunity."  

Pam Tucholke, Chair of the Senate District 50 Republicans responded, "We respect Sami's capabilities, appreciate the new role that she will play, and support her decision. We look forward to continuing a working relationship with her in the future." 

Additional Speakers Emphasized Support, Action

Tad Jude, former Republican state legislator, judge, and candidate for Hennepin County District Attorney, praised the three endorsed candidates. Jude welcomed the opportunity to campaign with fellow conservatives with a unified message.

David Hann, Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, (pictured above with our 3 candidates) echoed the theme of achieving a unified front in a year of great opportunity for Republicans. He noted, however, that these candidates will need all of the support that the delegates and alternates can give them. “These three individuals have stepped out of their comfort zone to campaign for office. We need to come out of our comfort zones to do everything we can to help them succeed.”

The convention closed with a call to action, a rousing appeal to the delegates and alternates to rally behind the candidates and raise the awareness within our neighborhoods of what is at stake in this election.