RNC Announces Election Integrity Program for Minnesota

By Barb Sutter, RNC Committeewoman, Minnesota

RNC.jpgOn behalf of the MN GOP, it’s my great pleasure to share with you that the Republican Party of Minnesota is partnering with the Republican National Committee to develop an Election Integrity program in Minnesota.

At last October’s State Central Convention, I told you in my update that this would happen, and it was important to me, personally, that we be able to follow through on that promise.  At our recent RNC Training in Memphis, I had the opportunity to talk with RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, as well as meet with our national Political Director, Elliott Echols.  Our regional Political Director, Andrew Iverson, also joined us.  I was very pleased to present to them the advances that our state has made.  As a result, our state will soon be acquiring an in-state Election Integrity Director.

We’re extremely encouraged here in Minnesota with our chances in the upcoming elections. That, coupled with our Party’s election integrity work, could prove to be a formula for success.  All of you remember that we were represented by 3,000 election judges in 2020, compared to 20,000+ on the DFL side.  We’re happy to share, that we’ve signed up 10,000 volunteers, and we are still recruiting! 

Our Deputy Chair, Donna Bergstrom, has been a huge asset in leading our state’s election integrity efforts, and heading up our Party’s “Task Force.”  Along with that, we have patriot groups that have formed throughout our state, providing even more activist volunteers ready and able to join the efforts of an incoming Director.

This enthusiasm is continuing to add to our election judge count.  Additionally, Chairman Hann is very much involved with our efforts, as he keeps up with the ballot board requirements state-wide via regularly scheduled calls, as well as routine check-ins with County Auditors as to where we are in election judge numbers, and reminding them to abide by the law.  Attorneys have requested legal compliance with the handling of absentee ballots, according to statute, and these requests have been met with some positive & promising results.

So, with many hands on deck, we continue to ask you to join us in these efforts.  Together let’s protect our votes, and let’s WIN in 2022!