Rep Tom Emmer: The Work to Take Back Congress Begins Today

Rep_Tom_Emmer.jpgOn January 3rd, Republican Congressman Tom Emmer wrote:

Nancy Pelosi has been elected by her socialist peers for another two years as Speaker of the House.  [She] is already working to erode the core principles that make our country the greatest in history. After barely holding onto her majority and retaining the Speaker’s gavel, Nancy Pelosi’s first act of the 117th Congress is to pass a rules package that, among other things:

* Strips the minority party in Congress of an important procedural tool to change legislation which has been in place and used by both parties for more than a century;

* Restricts free speech of elected officials and staff and threatens disciplinary action for the content they post on social media; and

* Exempts from traditional cost analysis and House budgeting requirements the “budgetary effects of measures to prevent, prepare for, or respond to economic, environmental, or public health consequences resulting from climate change,” paving the way for legislation like the Green New Deal.

Even though Republicans flipped 14 Democrat-controlled seats in November and Speaker Pelosi’s majority is razor-thin, the Socialist Left is signaling on Day One of the new Congress that they are more determined than ever to implement more of their policies which are antithetical to our American roots.
The race for the majority in 2022 begins again today.