Recommendations for Bloomington Mayor and City Council

Bloomington_Valley_View_Community_Center.jpgMayor and city council candidates need to be evaluated based on how they would govern. We support candidates that have been willing to be open and truly listen to the residents of the city. We have grown increasingly concerned with the degree to which decisions in Bloomington have been made behind closed doors.

Bloomington’s City Council has approved initiatives that increase the role of government and increase city expenditures, like organized trash collection and (it appears) mega-sized community centers. They have rejected legitimate requests of citizen groups that these decisions be put to referendums. Even when the city council chartered a citizen panel to advise them on the Hyland Greens golf course, they picked probably the least favored recommendation and moved to sell off some of the land for development.

In Bloomington, it is time for a new approach to governing the city. It is time for a change in the make-up of the City Council.
We recommend Ryan Kulka (Mayor), Brian Clemens (At-Large), Al Noard (District 1) and Susan Woodruff (District 2).

For more information on these candidates and their positions, CLICK HERE . This link also provides information on the Bloomington School Board races.