Qualls: We Must Promote 2-Parent Families to Heal Our Wounds

Qualls_Family.jpgKendall Qualls, Candidate for Congress, 3rd district, has consistently pointed to single-parent family situations (regardless of race) as the common-factor behind educational achievement gaps, behavior troubles at school, drug use, and crime. He spoke of that during our November 2019 Fall Conversation and most recently wrote about it in an article on his website  that was republished online at Alpha News.

Kendall wrote movingly of his first-hand experience of the impacts that single-parent families had on his siblings, nieces and nephews.

On June 10, Kendall and his wife Sheila hosted an online meeting on the theme - inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s words - “How do we bind up our wounds”. During that open Q&A session they touched again on the importance of family and the common goals we share. All Moms can relate to fear for a son’s safety – whether he’s bullied at school, having his lunch money stolen, or is a teen driver stopped by police. Working hard, and raising children to be productive, contributing members of the community is “American”, not “racist”. Sheila and Kendall have raised their children to not have a “victim” mentality. As Sheila phrased it: America is still the best place for the family. If you look for racism in America, you’ll find it; if you look for good you’ll find it in abundance, no matter the skin color.

Kendall pointed out that 50 years of Democrat policies have not encouraged 2-parent families, thus keeping a permanent underclass. His view is that the Black community is now widely gaining understanding that leftists have been using them and Democrats have failed them.

Kendall truly is an exceptional candidate. Here at SD49 we're getting comments such as: "The more I hear him, the better I like him." and " He’s straight-forward, knows what he supports and why, and is able to speak about it understandably. He'll be terrific as our Representative in Washington."