• Beth Beebe Is the Representative Bloomington Needs in St. Paul

    Beth Beebe was endorsed by unanimous vote recently as the Republican candidate for Minnesota House in District 50B.  The delegates recognized that she is ready to address the issues that matter to Bloomington voters.Beebe.jpg

    • As a current member of the Bloomington School Board and regional representative to the MN School Board Association, Beth is ready to take on the concerns and experience of educators and school administrators in the legislature.
    • In her fifth year on the Bloomington School Board Legislative Committee, Beth is very aware of proposed legislation that would take away local control of schools and of the increasing number of unfunded mandates.
    • As a former teacher and founder of an education enrichment program, Beth is ready to weigh in on state curriculum mandates, such as the recently-proposed Social Studies standards. She would push back on initiatives proposed by special-interest groups that would override community values and parents’ rights.
    • As a former member of her local Parent Teachers Association, school volunteer, and current School Board member, Beth is deeply in touch with the impact of disruptions caused by school closures and unprecedented schedule changes. She has also witnessed the immense damage to Bloomington’s service industry, small businesses, and self-employed workers caused by arbitrary shutdowns of the local economy.
    • As a former teacher in Japan and Los Angeles and a community volunteer organizer, Beth has worked to address the needs of minority and economically disadvantaged kids. She knows how to leverage assets within the community with minimal reliance on government funding.
    • As a wife, mother, Neighborhood Watch block captain, and 22-year resident of Bloomington, Beth knows the value of the Bloomington police. She will support police by ensuring that they are well-trained and well-resourced. She is also firmly behind the Protect Minnesota Kids Act that would toughen sentencing guidelines for sexual exploitation and trafficking.  Sentences now are too light considering the traumatizing effects on kids and the long-term impacts on the victims of such crimes.

  • Volunteers Needed - Many Roles Available


    Precinct leaders within Senate District 50 will be working with other volunteers from their neighborhoods to make a difference in this year’s local Republican campaigns. If you are willing to volunteer in this very important election year, you will be a part of a great team effort.

    Make the decision to volunteer now. Don’t look back five months from now and regret failing to do all that you could. CLICK HERE  and comment to let us know you are ready to do your part.

    Particularly this year, we cannot sit by and expect our candidates alone to speak for our values and our principles. We must stand with our candidates and show our support within our neighborhoods. In conversations many Minnesotans (including Democrats and Independents) have said they are more aligned with Republican solutions for key issues at the state & local level: safety in our communities, limited government (especially regarding mandates, emergency powers), return of the tax-surplus and lower taxes ongoing, and focus on academic excellence (not socialist-indoctrination) in schools.

    Please step forward to volunteer if you believe in what our Republican candidates represent. Whatever your age, physical ability, or time availability, you will be of value.

    Our highest need, In both Bloomington and Edina, is for MANY volunteers willing to knock on doors within our own neighborhoods to have conversations and identify likely Republican voters. People are far more likely to vote based on in-person conversations rather than just reading / literature drops without conversations. We have a smart phone app available (but not required) to all of our volunteer canvassers that will make the process much more efficient. Training provided, and working paired with another volunteer is encouraged. In about an hour you can add 10 (or more) confirmed likely-voters to our lists, which can be shared with endorsed candidates to better-focus their campaign visits and mailings.

    Our next highest need is for use of 30 - 50 front yards/driveways throughout the communities over the summer and early fall for brief (about 1.5 hour) neighborhood candidate meet & greet events, outdoors. And volunteers to help with setup, and running of those events.

    Help the Communications Team: We especially need a person (or two) to handle consistently posting to / monitoring our Facebook page. We also need 2 additional people willing to learn our publishing tool to edit/publish our electronic Newsletter. And if you are a writer, we welcome your brief articles and opinion pieces on local issues/topics.

    We also need volunteers to:

  • Don Patton to be Honored at the Patriot Awards on Nov. 17


    Col Don Patton, US Army, (Ret.) and a long-standing Republican precinct chair in Edina, will be honored as an American hero by Fox News and Fox Nation. He will receive this honor during the Fox Nation Patriot Awards.

    Don will be recognized at this spectacular program at the Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday, November 17 in Orlando, Florida. It will also be aired on the Fox News Channel (FNC) as a Sunday night special. Don will be interviewed as part of the program.

    While Col Patton has done a lot of outreach as precinct chair, we are sure that it was his work as the Executive Director and driving force for 35 years behind the Dr. Harold C. Deutsch World War II History Round Table that was instrumental in this recognition.

    For more about Don Patton, check out the Nov 2019 Edina Magazine article linked from our website in December 2019.

  • Local Area Sales Tax Fails, and Other 2022 Legislative End-of-Session News


    Remember the broad agreement announced by Gov. Walz and top legislative leaders on May 16 on how the billions of dollars of the state’s budget surplus would be spent?

    On Monday, May 23, the legislature ended its 92nd session sine die. That means without a defined time to reconvene.

    The session ended without final decisions on tax reductions, spending increases, or election process reforms. The Bloomington Local Area Sales Tax option was in the tax bill. As reported by Sen. Mark Koran (R-North Branch), “Like all others, it didn’t pass out of conference committee. So, no action was taken on it.”

    The budget bill was not the only legislation impacted by last minute tactics. As the New House Republican caucus pointed out in a video report,  Gov. Tim Walz essentially blocked legislation that would have strengthened the integrity of our elections.

    Republican lawmakers did secure a major win earlier this session. As reported in the last newsletter the Republican-led Senate assured that the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund was replenished. It was done primarily using federal funds that would otherwise have been available for Gov. Walz to spend as he wished.

    Although there have been reports of some behind-the-scenes negotiations, the Senate leadership has publicly remained steadfast in its opposition to a special session.

    There is no threat of a government shutdown. This was the year for bonding bills and infrastructure investments. The state government was already fully funded through June 2023 based on the work of the legislative session in 2021.

  • SD50 Republicans Endorse Fulton, Beebe and Cisman as MN Legislature Candidates


    At a special Senate District Endorsing Convention held on Tuesday, May 31, an overflow assembly of delegates, alternates, and special guests gave their rousing support to Doug Fulton, Beth Beebe and Sami Cisman as the officially endorsed Republican candidates running for the MN Legislature.

    “We are very pleased that three strong candidates have stepped forward to run this year,” Senate District Co-Chair Pam Tucholke said.

    Endorsed for MN Senate SD50 (Edina/Bloomington): Doug Fulton

    Doug_Fulton_For_MN_Senate_SD50.jpg“Our MN Senate candidate, Doug Fulton, is a highly respected community leader, accomplished commercial real estate consultant, and long-time Edina resident. He offers Edina and Bloomington a great choice against a little-known DFL candidate,” said Co-Chair Pam Tucholke.  CLICK HERE to read our first interview of Doug Fulton.  Doug's campaign website is

    Beth_Beebe_for_MN_House.jpgEndorsed for MN House 50B (Bloomington): Beth Beebe

    Senate District Co-Chair Winnie Martin was particularly proud of the endorsed MN House candidates. “Beth Beebe will be an outstanding representative for Bloomington in House District 50B. A 22-year Bloomington resident, she is in her second term on the Bloomington School Board. Beth knows very well what Bloomington families need.” This newsletter will provide more background on Beth Beebe in an upcoming edition.   Beth's campaign website (under construction now, name revised 6/13) will be

    Sami_Cisman_for_MN_House_50A.jpgEndorsed for MN House 50A (Edina, N. Bloomington): Sami Cisman

    Update:  Sami Cisman has announced that she is suspending her campaign indefinitely. Given her combination of talent, education, experience, and connections, Sami has been offered, and has accepted, a volunteer position with the 3rd Congressional District Republicans to be their Outreach Ambassador.  "Working initially within my Somali community, I am thrilled to be a key organizer for the Republican Party," Cisman said.  "I know several of the state-wide Republican candidates and Minneapolis-centered conservative candidates personally and have enjoyed working with them.  I know that I can have a greater impact in my new role and look forward to the upcoming opportunity."  

    Pam Tucholke, Chair of the Senate District 50 Republicans responded, "We respect Sami's capabilities, appreciate the new role that she will play, and support her decision. We look forward to continuing a working relationship with her in the future." 

    Additional Speakers Emphasized Support, Action

    Tad Jude, former Republican state legislator, judge, and candidate for Hennepin County District Attorney, praised the three endorsed candidates. Jude welcomed the opportunity to campaign with fellow conservatives with a unified message.

    David Hann, Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, (pictured above with our 3 candidates) echoed the theme of achieving a unified front in a year of great opportunity for Republicans. He noted, however, that these candidates will need all of the support that the delegates and alternates can give them. “These three individuals have stepped out of their comfort zone to campaign for office. We need to come out of our comfort zones to do everything we can to help them succeed.”

    The convention closed with a call to action, a rousing appeal to the delegates and alternates to rally behind the candidates and raise the awareness within our neighborhoods of what is at stake in this election.

  • Election Integrity - Another Fraud Conviction, But No Lessons


    WCCO 4 News reported on May 12 that Muse Mohamud Mohamed was found guilty of lying in to a federal grand jury about “abusing a process for submitting absentee ballots for other voters” during the primary election in August 2020.

    He was accused of falsely stating that he had obtained three absentee ballots for the primary on behalf of three voters who, he said, then filled them out before he returned them to the election office.

    Instead, he did not take any of the three ballots to the absentee voters named on the envelopes. None of the voters gave him the ballots to return.

    MN Rep. Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) reported this past week about another Minnesota man convicted of committing voter fraud, this time in connection with the 2018 primary election in Minneapolis. In both cases, the illegal activity was associated with absentee ballots. In a video report released by the New House Republican Caucus, Drazkowski calls attention to the case of Abdihakim Amin Essa, a non-U.S. citizen, who was found to have illegally signed absentee ballots on four different occasions over a one-month period in the summer of 2018.


  • State Supreme Court: COVID Closure May Require Compensation


    Can the governor close our businesses and take away our livelihoods by executive order - with no compensation? What exactly do Minnesota’s emergency powers laws require of the government? That’s the question the Minnesota Supreme Court sent back to district court to decide.

    When Gov. Walz used his emergency powers under Minnesotat Statute § 12.34 (2020), Section 12.34, subdivision 1(2) to close small businesses, Carvin Buzzell’s restaurants lost 75% of their business - while Walz allowed multi-billion dollar big box stores like Target to remain open. Buzzell sued to force Minnesota to reimburse him for his losses, and the District Courts and Minnesota Court of Appeals found against him.

    Buzzell appealed to the state Supreme Court, and on the 18th of May, the Court found lower courts had erred at least on a technical question, reversed their decisions, remanded the case to the district court and ordered that court to decide whether or not “…., under the emergency orders, only the government could exercise physical control or possession of Buzzell’s property and Buzzell was prevented from exercising any control over or possession of his property”.

    The statue in question authorizes the governor to “…commandeer, for emergency management purposes[,] . . . any motor vehicles, tools, appliances, medical supplies, or other personal property and any facilities.” The statute also provides that “The owner of commandeered property must be promptly paid just compensation for its use and all damages done to the property while so used for emergency management purposes.”

    At District Court, Attorney General Keith Ellison, fighting the case for Gov. Walz, argued that Buzzell’s property was not "commandeered". The District Court agreed, stating that because "none" of the definitions of "commandeer" applied to Buzzell he had no case. The state Court of Appeals agreed. Buzzell’s appeal to the Supreme Court was on the narrow issue of what "commandeering", as used in the Minnesota emergency powers statute, meant.

    The District Court’s judgment that “none of the (dictionary) definitions (of commandeer) apply to the circumstances described” is simply wrong on its face, as a simple check with Webster’s New 20th Century Dictionary, Unabridged shows (Webster’s is widely considered authoritative in US courts):

    Commandeer: 1. To force into military service. 2. To seize (property) for military or governmental use. 3. To take forcibly.” (bold added).


  • You Think This is Only in Wisconsin?


    Braden Rabidoux, a student at Kiel Middle School, has been charged with refusing to use a classmate’s “preferred personal pronouns” and is now the subject of a Title IX investigation, according to a story in Alpha News.

    Luke Berg, a lawyer from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty who is representing Braden, his friend, and one other student involved in the incident, has sent a letter to the school district demanding the charges and investigation be dropped, according to a story in the British paper The Daily Mail. Yes, this is now an international story.

    Berg commented that the Kiel School District's use of a Title IX complaint are a "… gross misapplication of Title IX sexual harassment charges." He added: "Sexual harassment covers really egregious stuff, not simply using the so-called wrong pronoun. The school’s theory seems to be that any use of a wrong pronoun is automatically punishable speech under Title IX, and if that is truly their position, that is a truly egregious First Amendment violation."

    Braden says that a quiet, rather shy classmate was being "screamed at" by a third student who insisted the shy classmate use the pronouns the harasser had decided were "appropriate". Braden intervened to protect his friend, and told the harasser – correctly – that pronoun use was protected free speech under the First Amendment. He’s not only legally correct but shows the kind of courage a lot of adults would do well to imitate.

    The school district’s action not only runs counter to Free Speech protections, it also violates very well established Constitutional prohibitions forbidding the government from requiring citizens to say anything. The legal term is "government compelled speech", usually just shortened to "compelled speech", and it is illegal.

  • MN Republicans Endorse Candidates for State-Wide Offices

    Convention_Hall_starts_to_fill_resized_for_website.jpgOn May 12-13, 2022 Minnesota Republicans converged on the Mayo Civic Center in Rochester, MN, to conduct party business and to endorse candidates for Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Auditor.

    The assembled delegates and alternates, elected at lower-level conventions from Senate Districts and Counties to Congressional Districts across the state, met for 18 hours to complete their work. They approved the party constitution, settled on a party platform, heard from a number of Congressional incumbents and candidates, and endorsed candidates for the four key state-wide offices.

    Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann congratulated each of the endorsed candidates, and his statements follow.

    One of our SD50 Delegates, Larry Frost, provided additional reporting on action from his viewpoint seated on the Convention floor.

    Endorsed for Governor: Dr. Scott Jensen (with Lt Gov. candidate Matt Birk).

    Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman David Hann stated, “I am proud to congratulate Dr. Scott Jensen on winning our State Convention’s endorsement for governor. With his strong record of pro-growth, conservative leadership, we will partner with Dr. Jensen’s well-organized campaign to make our case to the voters for bold leadership on the tough issues facing our state – like crime, a struggling economy and more. We are excited to work hard to support Dr. Scott Jensen to defeat Tim Walz and the Democrats in November.”

  • Republican Senate Assures Federal Funds Replenish MN Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund

    Floor_Compass_in_MN_Capitol.jpgFacing a deadline of April 30 to repay a federal loan or force state businesses to pay higher employment taxes, the DFL-led House and the GOP-led Senate passed a compromise bill that replenished the state’s Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund.

    In addition, the bill allocated $500 million for payments to Minnesota frontline workers who could not work from home during the pandemic. It also gave Gov. Walz $190 million to spend as he thinks best on additional COVID-19 health and economic responses.

    As reported by Peter Callaghan on MinnPost, lawmakers in the Legislature have had these issues in front of them from the beginning of the session. Employers large and small faced significant increases in their unemployment premiums. Walz, legislative Republicans and some DFLers said those premiums should not increase, since the draining of the trust fund and the federal borrowing were due mostly to Walz’s mandated closures of many businesses in the early months of the pandemic.

    According to sources inside the state legislature, Senate Majority Leader Jeremy Miller achieved much of what the Republican Senate majority was seeking in the compromise bill. The $2.7 billion needed to pay off the federal government loan and to refill the UI trust fund came largely from the remaining federal American Recovery Plan Act funds available to Minnesota for COVID.
    The new law lowers the amount of unemployment tax and assessments a taxpaying employer will owe in 2022.