Unintended Consequences of Rush to Legalize THC Edibles


Photo credit: Casey Casselberry, Valley Ventana, Smithson Valley High Newspaper

SD50 Newsletter reported earlier on the legalization of THC edibles in Minnesota.
Legalization was added as an amendment in committee. DFL Sen. Tina Liebling then buried the amended first bill in a hasty amendment to a huge omnibus bill.

Rep. Heather Edelson supported the legislation, but in a statement released by her office, she said “It was clear from our work on this legislation that adult Minnesotans were already purchasing and consuming these products; our goal was to add more consumer protections. In this regard, this legislation is a resounding success.

“I am already working on changes for the next legislative session to ensure we have regulation to keep the public safe while allowing for a legal product. I look forward to pursuing more comprehensive legislation in the 2023 Session.”

Passage of the bill can very charitably be described as a clever but deceptive move by the DFL, Rep. Edelson and Sen. Tina Liebling. Unfortunately their cleverness has fallout consequences, regardless of what anyone may think about the right of adults to decide what to put in their own bodies.

Driving while intoxicated – again, regardless of the intoxicant in the driver’s system – is dangerous. No one disputes that. Unlike alcohol however, there is currently no test that can tell whether the driver is intoxicated on THC: “Although drug testing methods that examine blood, saliva, or urine may be used, none can determine whether the cannabis use was recent or prove that the THC detected in a person's system caused impairment at the time of testing. Unlike alcohol, marijuana can remain in an individual’s system for hours, if not days, long after the intoxicating effects have worn off.” 

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Volunteers "Knocked it Out of the Park" in Bloomington



Fifteen (15) people from across the 3rd Congressional District (many pictured here) turned out on Saturday to door-knock with SD50 MN Senate candidate Doug Fulton and HD50B MN State Rep candidate Beth Beebe.

Doug Fulton was particularly appreciative. He said that, with the help of these volunteers, he more than met his goal of completing a precinct in west Bloomington.

“The CD3 volunteers knocked it out of the park!”, he said. “There were enough volunteers to complete their areas in two hours or less.”

Congressional candidate Tom Weiler walked in a parade in Plymouth and then also came with volunteers to door-knock. It was a busy day in Bloomington.

The more volunteers that turn out, the more voters can be canvassed. Door-knocking is still the most effective way of getting the names of our candidates and their message out. We are the Red Wave! Please give a few hours of your time each week and be part of a winning movement.

Great Turn-out for SD50-51 Family Picnic

Picnic1.JPGAn early rain moderated the temperatures but not the enthusiasm for the Annual SD50-51 Family Picnic on Friday evening, September 9.  Almost 90 people came to Bush Lake Park to share warm conversation, good food, and inspiring speeches.

Welcomed by SD50 Chair Pam Tucholke and introduced by Joel Quinnell, several candidates rose to speak after a delicious picnic offering.  Led off by Tom Weiler, our 3rd District Congressional candidate, MN Senate candidate Doug Fulton and MN House candidate Beth Beebe all talked about the importance of the elections this fall.

Special thanks go to the organizing committee of Sarah Knapp, Joel Quinnell, Julia Tate, and Steve Curry.  Once again, Louis and Becky Dennard (the masters behind MJ Barbeque) provided some fine barbeque brisket, pulled chicken, and cowboy beans.  Tom Hulting also came through with his traditional roast corn.  No one left hungry!

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Candidate Forums Sept 12 & 15


The Edina League of Women Voters announced a new date, Monday, September 12, for the SD 50 Senate Candidate forum. The event will be held at Edina City Hall, 4801 W. 50th St., Edina, MN 55424  from 7 PM to 9 PM. Doug Fulton and his DFL opponent will present their views and respond to questions from a moderator. Audience members may have the opportunity to submit written questions for consideration.

The Bloomington League of Women Voters is hosting a candidate forum Thursday, September 15,  7:00-8:30, Bloomington Council Chambers , 1800 W Old Shakopee Road, Bloomington, MN.  Doug Fulton for Senate (MN Sen Dist 50) & Beth Beebe for State Rep. (MN House Dist 50B) and their DFL opponents will present their views and respond to questions from a moderator. Audience members may have the opportunity to submit written questions for consideration.

MNGOP Makes Door Knocking and Phone Calling Challenge


The Republican Party of Minnesota is challenging Republicans in the Congressional Districts across the state to mobilize and connect with voters that we need to secure a Republican ticket victory in November.  This challenge, like the one right before the August Primary, comes with financial incentives.

Each month from now to Election Day, we will have the opportunity to earn two prizes, each worth up to $500.  One is based on the number of phones called using the Red Dialer app, the other based on number of doors knocked, using the Advantage app.  These applications can be downloaded to a smart phone or iPad. 

Our new Field Director, Ryan Howard, will also be making calls and knocking on doors, but his tallies won’t count toward our goals.  Nor will any candidates or their staff.  Only the efforts of volunteers will count.  Contact your BPOU Chairs, your CD3 Executive Committee members, or Ryan to get signed up and trained.  Ryan Howard can be contacted at [email protected].

CD3 will be sponsoring Republican Action Day Saturdays to encourage more volunteers to come out and make a difference.  Do a couple of hours of walking or calling, then we will find a great place to celebrate our good work!

CD3 Field Office Opens in Maple Grove


UPDATED 9/20/2022 Republican Party of Minnesota has opened a field office in the 3rd Congressional District. 

Pat Kelly has volunteered as the Office Coordinator to assist anyone that wants to come to make phone calls on behalf of candidates or pick up campaign literature or lawn signs. Pat comes highly recommended by Dr. Scott Jensen’s campaign.  Additional volunteers are welcome (and needed) to assist Pat with the activities in the office.

The office is located in Maple Grove at 7076 E. Fish Lake Road, Suite 7082.  The entrance is at the rear of the building, pictured above, on the left end. 

The intent is to have the office open Monday - Saturday. The office has plenty of capacity - both space and phones - so no call-ahead/reservation is required.
• Monday to Thursday, 10am to 8pm
• Friday, 10am to 6pm
• Saturday, 9am to 8pm

The Tom Weiler for Congress campaign office is adjacent to the CD3 Field Office.

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