• MNGOP Makes Door Knocking and Phone Calling Challenge


    The Republican Party of Minnesota is challenging Republicans in the Congressional Districts across the state to mobilize and connect with voters that we need to secure a Republican ticket victory in November.  This challenge, like the one right before the August Primary, comes with financial incentives.

    Each month from now to Election Day, we will have the opportunity to earn two prizes, each worth up to $500.  One is based on the number of phones called using the Red Dialer app, the other based on number of doors knocked, using the Advantage app.  These applications can be downloaded to a smart phone or iPad. 

    Our new Field Director, Ryan Howard, will also be making calls and knocking on doors, but his tallies won’t count toward our goals.  Nor will any candidates or their staff.  Only the efforts of volunteers will count.  Contact your BPOU Chairs, your CD3 Executive Committee members, or Ryan to get signed up and trained.  Ryan Howard can be contacted at [email protected].

    CD3 will be sponsoring Republican Action Day Saturdays to encourage more volunteers to come out and make a difference.  Do a couple of hours of walking or calling, then we will find a great place to celebrate our good work!

  • CD3 Field Office Opens in Maple Grove


    UPDATED 9/20/2022 Republican Party of Minnesota has opened a field office in the 3rd Congressional District. 

    Pat Kelly has volunteered as the Office Coordinator to assist anyone that wants to come to make phone calls on behalf of candidates or pick up campaign literature or lawn signs. Pat comes highly recommended by Dr. Scott Jensen’s campaign.  Additional volunteers are welcome (and needed) to assist Pat with the activities in the office.

    The office is located in Maple Grove at 7076 E. Fish Lake Road, Suite 7082.  The entrance is at the rear of the building, pictured above, on the left end. 

    The intent is to have the office open Monday - Saturday. The office has plenty of capacity - both space and phones - so no call-ahead/reservation is required.
    • Monday to Thursday, 10am to 8pm
    • Friday, 10am to 6pm
    • Saturday, 9am to 8pm

    The Tom Weiler for Congress campaign office is adjacent to the CD3 Field Office.

  • Ranked Choice Voting Ballot Petition Case to MN Supreme Court


    In June, the Bloomington City Clerk confirmed the validity of 3300 registered voters out of the 3600 signers on a petition circulated by Residents for a Better Bloomington (RFABB) asking for the repeal of Ranked Choice Voting on the November 2022 ballot.

    On August 8, 2022, the Bloomington City Council refused the petition.  The Council claimed that one of the petition provisions was illegal. In the words of the Bloomington City Attorney, that provision is "manifestly unconstitutional."  (Side note: the same provision-wording was part of the garbage petition years earlier but was never flagged then as being illegal.)

    The council found nothing wrong with rest of the RCV petition.

    The Upper Midwest Law Center, led by Doug Seaton, and attorneys James Dickey and Gregory Joseph, met with the RFABB Board.  They resolved to work with the residents of Bloomington to correct an error that they believed the city made.

    Three residents brought a lawsuit in District Court to correct that error, but the District Court denied the petition. That case is Court file 27 cv 22 12278.

    The very next morning, a petition for accelerated review by the Supreme Court was filed. While a mere 8-10% of all appeals are accepted by the Minnesota Supreme Court, on August 30th, Chief Justice Lorie Gildea issued an order to grant the petition for accelerated review. She however indicated that oral arguments would be held on November 28th, after the November 2022 election. Apparently, the issues brought by Mr. Joseph and Mr. Dickey warrant a more thorough consideration by Minnesota’s highest court. The Supreme Court case is A22-1190.

    The issue being appealed is not the “manifest unconstitutionality” of the fourth provision in this RCV Charter petition, but rather the much broader issue of severability of a problem provision for all Charter City resident petitions in Minnesota.

    This case asks the court to make crystal clear that, in any petition brought in this state before a local charter government, the local officials (with the cooperation the petitioners) may sever parts of a petition that may be deemed as unconstitutional or unlawful if the rest of the petition is not “substantially emasculated”.

    The rest of the petition should then remain intact to present to the voters. This is the case with Bloomington’s petition. This would provide a more collaborative and trusting relationship between city government and its residents. It just makes sense.

  • Republicans Out of Bloomington Heritage Days Parade


    Senate District 50 Republicans (SD50 GOP) have marched in the Bloomington Heritage Days Parade for years, but they will not march this year.

    The SD50 GOP registered for the parade in June and awaited word from the organizers of its approved position. The Heritage Days Board finally notified the SD50 GOP volunteers on August 31st that the application was, in essence, denied. Their reply said that “We are not accepting registrations for political office this year.”

    In reply, the SD50 GOP noted that the organization is a nonprofit that does not represent any candidates. The Board representative answered that “We make no distinction between candidates and those who support them. Heritage Days is not accepting entries for political office this year.“

    The SD50 GOP wishes to thank all of the volunteers that expressed an interest in marching in the parade this year.  And hopes that the decision will be to return to more inclusive rules next year.

    Volunteers are urged to give of their time to candidates and join them on Saturday, September 17 to door-knock in Bloomington.  Sign-up on the SD50 Volunteer Opportunities page.

  • Volunteers Sought for Republican Booths at State Fair


    There are at least two volunteer opportunities at the MN GOP Booth at the State Fair.  The response has been very strong.  However, it is still possible to get your fair entrance fee covered if you volunteer to work a four-hour shift on either Thursday evening, August 25, or Saturday evening, August 27, 

    The shifts run from 4:30 to 8:30 pm and are available first-come-first-served.  Please contact Jordyn Berwald, MN GOP booth coordinator, at [email protected] or (763) 280-4126.
    Alternatively, consider volunteering to work at a booth sponsored by one of our state-wide candidates.  For example, Ryan Wilson, Republican candidate for MN Auditor, will have a booth.  If you have questions, or wish to volunteer, please contact Jennifer DeJournett at [email protected], (612) 384-1479.

  • Walk Your Neighborhood with our Candidates

    door-knocker.jpgOur candidates are already knocking on doors in our district.  Tom Weiler, Doug Fulton, Beth Beebe, and many other local candidates know that to win this election year, they need to meet and talk with your neighbors.  They are going out almost every evening and on Saturdays because there are a lot of doors that need to be knocked.

    You could make it much easier for them.  These are your candidates out trying to meet your neighbors. 

    You can go out with them when they are in or near your precinct.  It always goes faster when you go out together. 

    Better yet, plan an evening when you invite your neighbors down to your driveway or your backyard to meet the candidates.  Grill some hotdogs or serve some ice cream while the weather is warm.  Do it on a Saturday or a weeknight evening.

  • Do You Know Your Voting Location, Alternatives for August 9 Primary?


    Local voting locations (“polling stations”) will be open from 7 am to 8 pm on Tuesday, August 9 for the Primary Election. Please note that where you vote may have changed since the last time you voted. Both Edina and Bloomington made major changes in precinct boundaries after the “redistricting” (redrawing of legislative district boundaries) that occurred earlier this year. Other metro-area cities also made changes.

    So, even though you didn’t move and your street address did not change, this redistricting could mean that you will be voting in a different location. For an overview of how the precinct boundaries have changed in Bloomington and Edina, CLICK HERE .  For more specific information on your own voting location, enter your address into the Secretary of State poll finder before you go to vote.

    We highly recommend that you vote in-person to ensure that you can place your ballot directly into a ballot counter. Voting on August 9 is best, but you can also place your ballot directly into a ballot counter if you vote at your local city hall Aug 1 – 8 (the week prior to Primary election day) If you vote earlier than the week prior, your ballot will be placed in a double envelope, to be counted later by Hennepin County.

    If you wish to (or must) vote early, absentee and early voting is now open in Minnesota. Mail-in ballots must be received by August 9 to be counted. To request a mail-in absentee ballot, eligible voters must complete an online application at which is the Minnesota Secretary Of State - Elections & Voting page.

  • Why Your Vote in the Primary is Very Important


    If you doubt the importance of your vote in the upcoming Primary election this year, consider this: your vote in the Primary may very well ensure you have a meaningful choice of candidates for state-wide offices and Hennepin County offices in November.

    The following Republican-endorsed candidates for state-wide office have primary challengers to determine who will be on the Republican Party ballot::

    • Governor/Lt Governor -- Dr. Scott Jensen/Matt Birk
    • MN Attorney General – Jim Schultz
    • MN Secretary of State – Kim Crockett

    Hennepin County Primary Election is Equally Important

    The following Republican-recommended candidates for Hennepin County office are running in “non-partisan” races (see the back of your Primary ballot) in which only the two candidates with the highest Primary vote count will go on to the November ballot:

    • Hennepin County Attorney – Tad Jude
    • Hennepin County Sheriff – Jai Hanson

    CLICK HERE to find these recommendations on a sample ballot you can take with you and use while voting.

  • Volunteer With Our CD3 Team to Get Out the Primary Vote


    The 3rd Congressional District Republicans are gathering volunteers to do the critical work of turning out conservative votes in the Primary Election. If you are willing to make phone calls from the comfort of your home, you can help ensure that our Republican-endorsed and Republican-recommended candidates secure places on the November ballot. At the same time, you will contribute to the effort of other CD3 volunteers to secure the $2,500 that the Republican Party of Minnesota has established as an incentive. It will go to the CD that organizes volunteers to make the most calls for the Primary. 

    Each CD has been assigned a Group and call lists in Red Dialer, the phone App that makes this easy for volunteers to call from home.  Only calls made by users on those assigned Groups and lists will count towards earning the incentive for our District. 

    If you already have a Red Dialer account, please contact MNGOP Data Director Will ([email protected]) to be added to our CD3 Group. 
    All who are willing to volunteer: Please contact your Senate District Chair or CD3 Chair Randy Sutter ([email protected]).

    Let’s harness the power of teamwork to make a difference in the Primary results!

  • Rep Edelson Justifies New THC (Marijuana) Law


    “…we just didn’t legalize marijuana, did we?” – MN Senator James Abeler, on the passage of the law which legalized selling THC.
    “"Oh, are you kidding? Of course you have. No, just kidding. Next, we'll do that next, OK?" – Rep. Tina Liebling, DFL-Rochester

    Liebling was correct – of course they had legalized selling THC. As reported by NPR, Abeler later admitted to the Star-Tribune he did not in fact realize the new law would allow THC-infused edibles to be sold in Minnesota.

    The bill’s author, Rep. Heather Edelson (DFL-Edina), issued a statement which tried to shift the emphasis of the bill from legalizing THC (tetrohydracannabinol, the ingredient in marijuana which produces the high; just "dope" from now on because that’s what it is) to "regulating" the sale of delta-8 THC, a similar substance that was present in hemp. Edelson claimed that delta-8 THC sales (which were and are legal) caused health problems. She said she wanted to regulate the sale of the delta-8 version. “This was an important step to regulate edible THC products that were already being sold throughout the State of Minnesota under a gray area of existing law, which was a result of the 2018 Federal Farm bill and CBD state legislation we passed in 2019.”, Edelson said.

    “Hemp” means a marijuana plant historically grown mostly to produce rope. “Marijuana” has come to mean a hemp plant specifically bred to be harvested to make dope. SD50NL can find no sources that discuss the quality of rope made from a marijuana plant, but there is no doubt that there is a lot less dope in a hemp plant than in a marijuana plant.

    Edelson admitted her real purpose when she went on to say, “Minnesotans 21 and older will now be able to obtain the products they want in a safe and regulated manner.”

    Examination of the legislative history and commercial sales suggests that Edelson and her DFL colleague successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of their GOP colleagues, who have stopped similar measures in the past. The House bill was HF3595; its senate counterpart was SF3716. The final legislation passed not as either bill, but as an amendment to HF 4065.  HF 4065 is a 475-page bill that was ostensibly written to regulate the Minnesota Department of Health and health-related services, with a summary that included a reference to "nonintoxicating hemp regulation".

    Was there really a clever plan? Well, HF 4065 was passed on May 22nd, 2022 (see Sensible Change Minnesota twitter ). By 1 July, about 40 days later, when the law came into effect, local suppliers already had nice neat packages for sale – tons of them. The line outside Nothing But Hemp in St. Paul was over an hour long, and continued that way all day.