MNGOP Makes Door Knocking and Phone Calling Challenge


The Republican Party of Minnesota is challenging Republicans in the Congressional Districts across the state to mobilize and connect with voters that we need to secure a Republican ticket victory in November.  This challenge, like the one right before the August Primary, comes with financial incentives.

Each month from now to Election Day, we will have the opportunity to earn two prizes, each worth up to $500.  One is based on the number of phones called using the Red Dialer app, the other based on number of doors knocked, using the Advantage app.  These applications can be downloaded to a smart phone or iPad. 

Our new Field Director, Ryan Howard, will also be making calls and knocking on doors, but his tallies won’t count toward our goals.  Nor will any candidates or their staff.  Only the efforts of volunteers will count.  Contact your BPOU Chairs, your CD3 Executive Committee members, or Ryan to get signed up and trained.  Ryan Howard can be contacted at [email protected].

CD3 will be sponsoring Republican Action Day Saturdays to encourage more volunteers to come out and make a difference.  Do a couple of hours of walking or calling, then we will find a great place to celebrate our good work!