Mighty Pens and Voices Needed - Campaigns Heating Up

person-holding-orange-pen-1925536.jpgThe 2020 campaigns are starting to heat up! There is no doubt the 2020 election season will be unique. Candidates are developing campaign strategies without door knocking, rallies, and other face-to-face contacts. SD49 Republicans can help Congressional and Minnesota legislative candidates get the word out.

If you are getting tired of watching endless covid-19 news and want to help a strong Republican candidate, we have a way. You can help Kendall Qualls, the endorsed candidate for US Congressional District 3, right now by volunteering to write post cards with personal messages to SD49 area voters. 

Additional volunteer opportunities will come up as candidates for Hennepin County Commissioner and local Minnesota House and Senate Districts register and get endorsed.

The American Majority has also announced that some part-time paid positions may become available in our area.

Please contact SD49's Jim Bowen ([email protected] (360) 927-8301) if you can participate and help our Republican-endorsed candidates.