Mail-In Voting Requires Oversight

Sec_of_State_Steve_Simon.jpgAs reported in our April 13 edition, Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon has introduced legislation to expand mail-in voting and reduce in-person polling places.

This is part of a nation-wide effort to expand mail-in voting, which as the linked article points out is far more open to potential fraud.

And now Simon has proposed rules that circumvent mail-in ballot oversight as required by law. 

“Unbeknownst to almost everyone, the ballot boards that are responsible for determining which absentee ballots are properly submitted to be counted are being stacked with partisan bureaucrats instead of the citizen judges of balanced political affiliation required by law,” says the Minnesota Voters Alliance (MVA).

MVA has filed a lawsuit directly with the Minnesota Court of Appeals, and seeks declaratory judgment in the case, meaning it is asking the court to immediately force Simon to stop his actions as a matter of law.