Local Leaders Needed as SD 49 Officers, State Central Delegates

Are You Ready to be a SD49 Executive Committee Officer or Delegate to MN GOP State Central?

Senate District 49 will hold our 2017 convention on February 18 at the Oak Grove Middle School in Bloomington.  If you have worked for the Republican Party and feel that you want to take a leadership position within Senate District 49, please consider stepping forward as a candidate for Executive Committee officer and/or delegate to the MN GOP State Central Committee. 

Candidates should contact Barb Sutter, the chair of the Officer Nominating Committee, so interviews can be arranged before the convention.  She can be contacted at [email protected]

No nominations will be accepted the day of the convention.

 Read on for details on the SD49 Executive officer positions and expectations, as well as the State Central Committee delegate/alternate slots and expectations

SD49 Executive Committee Officers are

  • Two (2) Co-Chairpersons

  • Ten (10) Vice-Chairs – five elected from House District 49A and five from House District 49B

  • One Secretary

  • One Treasurer

  • One Chair of Communications

Executive Committee officers should demonstrate a leadership position within the senate district by:

  • Living in the senate district and serving on the Executive Committee through February 2019

  • Working as an executive team to identify and prioritize senate district goals and objectives

  • Leading one or more efforts to achieve a priority goal, such as organization growth and outreach, fundraising, communications, precinct networking, candidate search, Convention/Caucus operations, meeting organizing, etc.

  • Promoting, encouraging, and coordinating activities within their assigned precincts

  • Reaching out to neighbors and friends within our senate district to attend our meetings and participate in our efforts

  • Reporting on and coordinating efforts to achieve priority goals by attending the monthly Executive Committee meetings

  • Regularly attending senate district fundraisers, committee meetings, and program/outreach events

MN GOP State Central Committee delegates and alternates are elected in odd-numbered years specifically for the conduct of business at MN GOP State Central meetings.  In 2017, MN GOP has allocated the following delegate and alternate slots:

  • For the precincts of SD49 that fall within Congressional District 3

    • Three (3) delegates

    • Nine (9) alternates

  • For the precincts of SD49 that fall within Congressional District 5

    • One (1) delegate

    • Three (3) alternates

State Central delegates and alternates represent the senate district in electing the executive leadership of the state GOP, in reviewing the health and operations of the state party, and in considering changes to the MN GOP constitution and by-laws.  As a candidate for State Central delegate/alternate, you should demonstrate that:

  • You have worked on behalf of the MN GOP and Senate District 49

  • You believe in the MN Republican Party and the intent of its constitution, and bylaws

  • You are willing to live in the senate district and serve as a delegate/alternate through February 2019

  • You are willing to attend two meetings a year of the MN State Central Committee, taking place within Minnesota generally on a Saturday at your own expense.

  • You understand that your status as a delegate or alternate will be determined by 1) the allocation of delegate slots by the MN GOP to the Congressional District in which you live and 2) the vote of the delegates and seated alternates at the 2017 SD49 convention.  The candidates achieving the highest vote tally shall be the delegates.  The remaining candidates shall be ranked by vote count to fill the allocated first, second, and third alternate slots. 

  • You understand that alternates may be seated at a State Central meeting as long as a SD49 delegate is not present or if cross-seated when a delegate in a different Senate District in your Congressional District is not present.