Local Election Results: Our Neighbors Outvoted Us 2:1


The long and tireless campaigns of our Republican candidates has come to a close in 2022. Sincere thanks to the hard-working candidates, including Beth Beebe and Doug Fulton in Senate District 50, who devoted so much of their personal time, funding, and effort to campaign. They and their families sacrificed personal time and encountered both the best and worst of commentary and actions from their fellow Minnesotans. We thank each of them for the service they have provided by running for office.

Thanks, also, to the hundreds of volunteers and financial contributors who supported the candidates' campaigns.  Although funding for the opposition was (as always) massive, this year the SD50 campaigns had substantial resources to attempt to connect with and sway local voters who have increasingly favored the "government as solution to all" and "high taxes are just fine" point of view.

Edina and Bloomington turned in solid votes for the DFL slate by a 2:1 margin.  It was a clear message that most of our neighbors don't share our views and values.

Many of us know people who have moved out of MN to friendlier political and weather climates.  Frankly, some of* your Communications Team volunteers are planning to join them.

* Originally published Nov. 10, this  article was updated Nov 14 to include a by-line, and correctly add "some of" in the previous sentence.  CLICK HERE to see the Nov. 14 follow-on article for more analysis. 

Statistics from Sec of State Election Results pages 

HD 50B Voters Registered at 7AM: 29,839 - voter turnout 77%

Beth Beebe 8,437 36.88%
Steve Elkins 14,425 63.05%

SD 50 Voters Registered at 7AM: 58,897 – voter turnout 76%

Doug Fulton 16,457 36.53%
Alice Mann 28,575 63.42%

CD 3 Voters Registered at 7AM: 464,971 – voter turnout 72%

Tom Weiler 134,795 40.37%
Dean Phillips 198,882 59.56%
Write in 241

CD5 Voters Registered at 7AM: 412,433 – voter turnout 70%

Cicely Davis 70,698 24.53%
Ilhan Omar 214,217 74,33%
Write in 3,274