Congressional District 5 Convention, April 6

7-9 pm – Crystal VFW, 5222 Bass Lake Rd., Minneapolis, MN

Senate District 49 Delegates (7 Allotted):

  • Chad Bell
  • Dennis Hykes
  • Frank Drake
  • Lee McGrath
  • Louis Tiggas
  • Nancy Carlson
  • Wayne Wenger

Senate District 49 Alternates:

  • Edward Hancock
  • Michael Korman
  • Michelle Jesse
  • Steve Neuger
  • Susan Covnick
  • Thomas Hoegh
  • Todd Shuman


Congressional District 3 Convention, April 8 

9 am – Northview Middle School, 5869 69th Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN

Senate District 49 Delegates (38 allotted)

  • Allen Muerhoff
  • Barbara Malzacher
  • Barb Sutter
  • Beth Beebe
  • Bill Glahn
  • Carol Kerr
  • Dan Hallberg
  • Dar Gray
  • David Seidel
  • Dean Lerum
  • Dennis Hogan
  • Dino Balafas
  • Donald Patton
  • Eric Jaax
  • Greg Beam
  • Jay Corniea
  • John Metil
  • Lee Zimmerman
  • Linda Presthus
  • Lisa Beam
  • Lynda Renner
  • Lynn Swon
  • Mark Janda
  • Mary Doughty
  • Matheos Balafas
  • Max Rymer
  • Mike Lehmann
  • Patricia Lee
  • Pat Teynor
  • Peter Hook
  • Randy Sutter
  • Russ Burnison
  • Steven Barthel
  • Tom Hulting
  • Trish Burnison
  • Vince Riehm
  • 2 Vacancies (left the district)

Senate District 49 1st Alternates (38 Allotted)

  • Abdi Hirsi
  • Amir Gharbi
  • Barbara Hoganson
  • Barbara Nazarian
  • Barbara Patton
  • Charles Lewis
  • David Clynes
  • David Rowland
  • Donald Teigen
  • Eldon Spencer
  • Faisal Deri
  • Grant Johnson
  • Janene Harker
  • Joe Lee
  • Judith McCabe
  • Laura Hemler
  • Maria Malooly
  • Mark Lapham
  • Mary Jo Christensen
  • Marya Rother
  • Michael Zerr
  • Patrick Koob
  • Paul Ericson
  • Penny Walters
  • Rebecca Maddox
  • Richard Zabinski
  • Robert Fiedler
  • Bob Maginnis
  • Bob Rofidal
  • Sara Amaden
  • Steve Curry
  • Susan Johnson
  • Treva Vogt
  • Tyler Keenan
  • 4 Vacancies (left the district)

CD3 Second Alternates to the CD3 Convention

  • Donald McConnell
  • Jackie Carlson
  • Jay Smith
  • Joyce Moeller
  • Matthew Sikich
  • Noah Harber


Senate District 49 Elects State Central Delegates and Alternates for 2017-2018


·      Congressional District 3 Precincts (in rank order)

o  Randy Sutter – Delegate

o  Max Rymer – Delegate

o  Barb Sutter – Delegate

o  Faisal Deri – Alternate #1

o  Vince Riehm – Alternate #2

o  Lew Coffey – Alternate #3

o  Linda Presthus – Alternate #4

o  Dino Balafas – Alternate #5

o  Bob Maginnis – Alternate #6

o  Abdi Hirsi – Alternate #7

o  Grant Johnson – Alternate #8

o  Lynn Swon – Alternate #9


·      Congressional District 5 Precincts

o  Wayne Wenger – Delegate

o  Nancy Carlson – Alternate #1

o  Doug Seaton – Alternate #2

o  Frank Drake – Alternate #3


Senate District Convention Elects Officers, Delegates

Over 90 people turned out for our SD 49 convention on Saturday, February 18.  From the opening gavel at 9 am to the motion to adjourn at 12:40 pm, attendees heard from a number of elected representatives and candidates running for state party office and completed the essential business of our district.

Speakers at the convention included Congressman Erik Paulsen, Sheriff Rick Stanek, and Minnesota House Representative Dario Anselmo.  We also heard from several candidates for state party executive office.  Running for State Party Chair were Chris Fields, David Hann, and Jennifer Carnahan.  Seeking the Deputy Chair position were Andy Aplikowsky, David Pascoe, and Jennifer DeJournett.

The essential business of the convention was to

  • elect the senate district executive officers who will serve until our 2019 convention
  • elect the State Central Delegates and Alternates for 2017 and 2018

The candidates for the executive officer positions ran unopposed, so they were confirmed by acclimation.  The State Central Delegate and Alternate positions were contested.  The candidates for Congressional District 5 alternates were equal in number to the open alternate slots.  The candidates agreed to decide their ranking by drawing a number, and this method was confirmed by the convention. 

Sixteen candidates vied for the 11 open Congressional District 3 delegate and alternate positions.  The convention chose to use electronic voting for this election.  Roughly two-thirds of the delegates and seated alternates voted using the texting feature on their cell phones, through an electronic polling approach provided by "Poll Everywhere".  The other one-third (27) used paper ballots. 

Llsts of the elected executive officers and State Central delegates and alternates are provided at the top of this page. 


Special Thanks to the Convention Volunteers

The success of the convention was directly attributable to a number of volunteers who served in the weeks leading up to and during the convention.   We sincerely thank the following individuals who made it all possible.


Convention Conveners: Randy Sutter, Wayne Wenger

Convention Chair: Louis Tiggas

Convention Secretary: Leah Hollenbeck

Convention Treasurer: Louis Tiggas

Convention Invocation: Trish Burnison

Pledge of Allegiance: Col Don Patton (Ret)


Chair- Russ Burnison

Dar Gray


Lew Coffey

Ric Davies

Bob Maginnis


Chair- Nancy Carlson

Blyth Bailey

Suzi Blumberg

Patti Brestrup – Front Desk/Lanyards

Dennis Hykes

Barb Sutter – Front Desk/Financial

Andrea Tiggas


Chair- Linda Presthus

Vice Chair - Mary Doughty

Beth Beebe

Carol Brumwell

Kathy Frey

Angie Hasek

Sue Hollenbeck

Susan Johnson

Barb Maginnis


Chair of Bylaws- Vince Riehm

Chair of Rules – John Gibbs

Pat Mazorol

Craig Peterson

Doug Seaton

Eldon Spencer

Louis Tiggas


Vince Riehm

Craig Peterson


Chair- Grant Johnson

Ric Davies

Bill Holm


Chief Teller- Bill Reichert

Deputy Chief Teller – Steve Curry

49A-Anderson Blum

49A-Sean Boylan

49A-Janet Doudiet

49A-Jim Doudiet

49B-Larry Frost

49B- Dan Hallberg

49B-Janene Harker

49B-Andy Hollenbeck

49B-Al Muerhoff


Chair- Barbara Sutter

49A – Dino Balafas

49A – Ned Hancock

49A – Dennis Hykes

49A – Judy McCabe

49A – John Metil

49B – Beth Beebe

49B – Sue Hollenbeck

49B – Lane Hersey

49B – Mike Lehmann

49B – Max Rymer

49B – Penny Walter

Randy Sutter- Ex-Officio

Wayne Wenger- Ex- Officio


Chair – Greg Beam

Deputy Chair – Noah Harber

David Clynes

Lisa Beam


Are You Ready to be a SD49 Executive Committee Officer or Delegate to MN GOP State Central?

Senate District 49 will hold our 2017 convention on February 18 at the Oak Grove Middle School in Bloomington.  If you have worked for the Republican Party and feel that you want to take a leadership position within Senate District 49, please consider stepping forward as a candidate for Executive Committee officer and/or delegate to the MN GOP State Central Committee. 

Candidates should contact Barb Sutter, the chair of the Officer Nominating Committee, so interviews can be arranged before the convention.  She can be contacted at [email protected].  Contact should be made no later than Sunday, February 12, so that interviews can be scheduled.

No nominations will be accepted the day of the convention.

CLICK HERE for details on the SD49 Executive officer positions and expectations, as well as the State Central Committee delegate/alternate slots and expectations