Cicely Davis Endorsed for Congress in 5th CD

Cicely_Davis.jpgRepublican delegates and alternates in the 5th Congressional District met Saturday, April 2 and voted to endorse Cicely Davis as their candidate for Congress against DFL Representative Ilhan Omar.

Three candidates vied for the Republican endorsement. In addition to Davis, former NBA basketball professional and mental health advocate Royce White and Somali Refugee, mother of three, and a 10-year U.S. Army Combat Veteran Shukri Abdirahman spoke passionately about the need to replace Ilhan Omar and to stand against rising socialist policies in America.

Cicely Davis came close to winning the endorsement on the first ballot, which required the support of at least 60 percent of the delegates and seated alternates. As the third-place finisher, Abdirahman bowed out of the contest, expressing her respect for her two opponents, but stating her preference for Davis. Davis won the endorsement on the second ballot.

The 5th Congressional District executive officers were affirmed during the convention.  They are:

  • Chair:  Alec Beck
  • Deputy Chair:  Barry Johnson
  • Secretary:  Lincoln Towers
  • Treasurer:  Nick Morgan

Rejecting the opportunity to unite behind Davis, Royce White blamed his loss on the influence of “handlers” and backroom deals. He accused the delegates of rejecting concerns with “rising Globalism” and “no longer being the Party of God”. He stated that he had no choice but to pursue his candidacy through to the Republican primary in August.

Investigative reporter Rebecca Brannon caught some of his final speech and posted it on her Twitter account