Beth Beebe for Bloomington School Board - Introduction

Beth_Portrait_002.jpegBeth Beebe, candidate for Bloomington School Board, provided this brief introduction and summary key issues.

Her campaign website is

My educational background experiences and perspective,  my investment in families and the community,  bring relevant expertise to the school board.

Married to John for 27 years

Bloomington resident for 17 years.

Have two grown sons who attended Bloomington Schools

Have 15 years of classroom teaching experience Preschool thru Jr. High

Parent Educator - Spoken to 50 +  Mother's of Preschoolers (MOPS) groups

Lived in Japan for 3 years as an English Teacher

Involved in the Bloomington Community as a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain, Election Judge, Premarital Counselor and Marriage Mentor with my husband, and working with At-Risk Children and Families.

Education - Bachelors in Social Work                                 Bethel University

                  Bachelors in Elementary Education                  San Jose State University         



  • Math and Reading scores remain around 54% of students at grade level, unchanged year after year. 
  • With emphasis on STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) methods and curriculum need to be changed. 


  • Families are leaving Bloomington schools for other options  They state they are not satisfied with the curriculum, classroom discipline, and handling of bullying issues among other things.
  • Funding is tied to enrollment, the district needs more funding, therefore the district needs to attract families back to the district through innovative changes that address reasons families have left.


  • Host Job and Career Fairs with area employers  outlining requirements for jobs.
  • Expose students to opportunities in the trade fields that will increase as 35% of the workforce will retire by 2020.  Students with hands on abilities need to be encouraged to pursue these jobs.
  • Build relationships with corporations that can provide entry level jobs and provide training and scholarships for employees toward a degree.
  • Encourage dual enrollment in current Bloomington programs and add new career fields to current Criminal Justice, Cosmetology, and Automotive Mechanics programs.