Apply to Edina High School Legislation Action Committee by May 10

Spread the word:  Now may be YOUR TIME to step up and serve as a Conservative!

Apply to Edina High School's Legislation Action Committee - Deadline May 10th

We would love to see some members of SD50 Republicans apply to the Legislative Action Committee:

From Edina Public Schools:

Are you interested in leading advocacy efforts on behalf of EPS students? The Edina School Board developed a non-partisan Legislative Action Committee (LAC) to focus on issues impacting education in Minnesota and Edina Public Schools, specifically. The purpose of the LAC is to assist the Edina School Board in advocacy for education-related legislation. The LAC coordinates these advocacy efforts throughout the district by developing, proposing, and advocating for board-approved legislative positions with lawmakers. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, May 10.


We hope you apply!  It is important to have Republican voices as part of these committees.  Please reach out to us at SD50 if you have questions about this or if we can help you in any way.  [email protected]



May 11, 2023 at 1:00am - 4am


Edina High School