An Open Letter from Tom Weiler, our Candidate for Congress


Oct 14, 2022
My devoted message to you, all Minnesotans and Americans.

My “why” rests on the job not yet being complete and ensuring a better America for my children. Although my service in the Navy was cut short due to unforeseen circumstances, I knew what was going on at home was not the America I grew up in—or the future America I wanted for my children.

My road to Turning the Ship Around has been incredible because of people like you.

Please take a few moments to read my open letter below to explain why this win will just mean more.

Thank you,
Tom Weiler

 I am not a professional politician. I am a believer. I believe in America, and Americans. Not just certain Americans — all Americans.

I believe in mothers and fathers; sons and daughters; Democrats, Republicans, Independents; protesters and peacemakers; Vikings fans and Packers fans. I believe in those who hope and those who struggle to hope; those who teach and those who learn. I believe in Americans.

For 20 years, I dedicated my life to all Americans, to all of us, to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States." I served in the Navy to preserve every single American's freedom to be oneself, to speak one's mind, to live one's American dreams. I believe in the spirit in each one of us that strives to make life better for our children, our neighbors and our opponents. I served to protect that American spirit.

I have the same perspective when it comes to serving my country and representing my fellow Minnesotans in Congress. My service will be to all in the Third Congressional District, to all Minnesotans and to all Americans; it will be all-embracing.

I will serve my fellow Americans by making common-sense decisions to pass laws that improve people's lives. Because when I go to Congress, I intend to do something. I learned in the Navy that talking about action gets little done. Real action makes things happen. I became a successful leader in the Navy because I listened to people's concerns, I delivered solutions to problems, and I developed and executed plans to achieve the mission. I will use this experience and this pragmatic problem-solver mentality to achieve good results for our country.

I believe Americans deserve a safe place to live, work and play. I believe Americans deserve a thriving economy with opportunities that enable them to provide for their families. I believe our children deserve to be safe in their schools.

We do not need superheroes or professional politicians to achieve these goals. We need believers. And I am a believer who can lead with integrity; act with intention; and return to each American spirit the flourishing country they deserve.

I believe in Minnesotans' ability to make good, informed decisions for themselves, for their state and for their country. To make a good, informed decision about the person they wish to represent them in Congress, Minnesotans deserve facts regarding candidates' policy positions and the opportunity to contrast candidates.

My opponent, Rep. Dean Phillips, has attempted to suppress Minnesotans' ability to obtain such information by delaying our first debate until Oct. 9 (19 days into our election and 38 days after WCCO offered to host a Sept. 4 debate at the State Fair). Hiding from the voters and from one's record is the strategic move of a professional politician. It does a disservice to Minnesotans in the Third District.

I am not a professional politician, but rather a husband, father, retired naval officer, Minnesotan, an American. I will offer pragmatic solutions to our district's issues and take real action. Minnesotans across the political spectrum know it is time for change. It is time to turn the ship around when it comes to the:

  • Explosion of violent crime in the Third District and Minneapolis.
  • 40-year highs in inflation, continuing to rise on food and shelter.
  • Declining achievement of our kids in school and fears of violence.
  • And the ever-increasing divide in our American spirit.

It is time to:

  • Support and resource law enforcement; bring deterrence and accountability back to our criminal justice system.
  • Stop excessive, irresponsible spending of tax dollars — force Congress to actually pass a budget. Stop handing out $7,500 to buy an $80,000 electric SUV, stop transferring college loans to our retirees and middle-class families.
  • Prioritize math, reading, science and learning in the classroom. Have law enforcement in every school.
  • Unite Americans.

The time is now to turn the ship around with common-sense, pragmatic solutions. We must reawaken the boundless potential and optimism of the American dream, and ensure that it is there for all Americans.

I am honored to be your candidate and I humbly request your prayers, your support and your vote.

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