Your Vote in the November 8 Election is Very Important!

If you doubt the importance of your vote in the upcoming election this year, consider this:  the polls show the projected vote counts will be very close.  We need to get every conservative voter in Minnesota to cast their ballot.


Sample Ballots for Voters in House Districts 50A, 50B, and 51B

If you know the House District in which you live and vote, go directly to that 2022 Election Sample Ballot page and right click on the picture of the ballot you want to copy. 

If you do not know your House District, find it using the Polling Place Finder.  Once you fill out your address information and proceed, the site will identify your MN Senate and MN House districts (as well as other voting information).  Use the House District information to access your recommended sample ballot as explained above.

For those races for which a recommendation is not indicated, call the Senate District 50 voice mail number (952-856-3028) if you want a personal recommendation.


These ballots may also not contain the correct city council, school board, or municipal initiative information.  To be certain, go to What's on My Ballot? and click on "Get a Sample Ballot".

Each of these ballots has a backside listing the judges up for election.  Virtually all are incumbents and have not opposition.  Therefore, the backside of these ballots was not included.